Sunday, August 30, 2009

WOW!!!!!!!!! What a Net!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!

HA!!!!! We fooled the static again and had an absolutely wonderful net tonite on 160 meters. The discussion centered around a question posed by Del, NW8I. He had some questions about emergency backup power for his radio equipment. Dave, N8BIT had a lot of great information about his battery system. Walt, W1HHN, also had an interesting question about battery life and refreshing a tired battery.
We also set a new record tonite. We had a total of 10 check ins including Net Control. We also made use of the Net Logger IM feature to welcome 2 SWL listeners to the net!!!
Tonites check ins:
KB3IFH Randy, from Maryland
W4DMH Dave, from West Virginia
K7DLB/ Net Control, From Maryland
NW8I Del, from Ohio Del, here is your link to the meter that monitors your batteries: WWW.POWERWERX.COM
W4SQL Lonnie, from South Carolina
AC8EM Mike, from Ohio
N8BIT Dave, From Michigan
W1HHN Walt, from Massachusetts
KI4HEE Bob, from South Carolina
KD8HDP Justin, from Michigan.
Once again, THANKS!!!! to all that checked in and please be sure to check on one of our other nets. So, everyone have a safe week and we'll talk to you again, same time same frequency!!!!

The 160 Meter Wire is Being Stretched out!!!!!!

Good 'ol Dave K7DLB is outside stretching out his 160 meter wire in preparation for the APRN 160 meter net tonite at 9PM eastern. The weather is great and the storms have moved out so let get with it and have a GREAT net tonite!!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

First Offical 80 Meter Net

Leading up to the top of the hour,you tune up the rig and get on frequency just to find out you now have to move the net as the frequency near you is in use. You rush to find a new one, bang the keyboard to get it up on the internet all the time wondering is anyone going to hear me tonight. Well the pressure is on and the adrenalin is flowing so there ain't much that really maters cause it is Game on time once again.

Once again we fired off the net at the stroke of 9. This was the first attempt of the official 80 meter net for the APRN. Band conditions were good but a little noisy then thru the air comes the first check in so you settle back in the chair and get comfy for the ride.

Once again we had a great net and lots of fun. The topic for tonight was.

What was your most memorial contact on Ham Radio.

The answers came from far and wide but rest assured every one was as good as the last. Every Ham I know can tell you of one that sticks out in his mind, and will forever. For some it is the first and others the farthest. But one thing you can count on is every one is unique in its own way.

What a fun net it was tonight so I will not bore you with typing the results as the map speaks for itself.Thanks to all that came and shared there story tonight it just don't get better than this folks.
73 all

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Band.... but the..... Same Time

That's right folks....The votes have been counted and 80 meter it is, so 3.961 or near is where we will be. While 100 watts can be hard on 80 we will give it our all. Everyone come join and tell a friend All Are Welcome and don't be surprised if called on to put out a call for check-ins as 80 may be tuff on 100 watts. The topic for tonight will be..... "tell us of one of your most memorable contact's on Ham Radio:...... Give it some thought and come Prepared as Santa takes to the air.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fast n' Furious Fourty Net

I'm like a whipped pup after these nets... but it feels great to get another one on the books.

We started off a bit rocky...a DX Station in Newfoundland had the frequency pile-up'd at net time. Brian VO1DSK was having a great time working everybody so I tried taking the net down to a open freqency...7.188...but unfortunately it was too close to another net already in progress. Anyway, eventually the DX party ended on 7.198 so back to the net frequency we went...

And WOW! Did we get BUSY. Despite noisy conditions, we got 20 check-ins (counting Brian in Newfoundland during the prenet) and one guy...Lonnie, W4SQL in Summerville SC, who was transmitting on the radio but was receiving the net via the Internet at www.globaltuners.com ...purty darn NEAT!

Anyway...here's tonight's great check-ins...a great net...a great time had by all.


What a great line-up! Thanks everyone for a great net! '73 Bob KI4HEE

Tuesday is "40" Day

"Hawk"(KI4HEE) will be pushing as many watts as his "peanut-whistle" will handle out on 40 Meters again tonight at 0100 UTC (9PM EST). We've been getting a good turn-out on this net, with luck we'll get a pile-up again.

Tonight's Topic:How Prepared Are You?

Remember, we also use NetLogger software to track the net in real time. Use it to post queries, check-ins & comments during the net. Try it out!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Once again the 160 meter band was in a good mood tonite for the APRN net. We had 9 check ins including the net control station. Those that checked in were W4DMH, Dave in West Virgina; KI4HEE, Bob in S.Carolina; NW8I, Del in Ohio; N8NMJ, Mike in Maryland; W2GZB, Dan in New Jersey; N8BIT, Dave in Michigan; N4QNT,Art in N.Carolina; W1HHN, Walt in Massachusetts. We had some great discussion and comments about Prepping and issues related to the subject of emergency communications. It is interesting to meet new operators that are like minded and willing to share during the net. So with that, we're gonna catch our breath and put the hinge back together on the foot pedal!!!!!
Until next week, Same time, Same Frequency, This is K7DLB, your net control station for the APRN 160m net Saying 73 and have a GREAT week!!!!!

The 160 Meter Net...Be There, or be Square!!!!

Please don't forget the 160m net tonight at 0100UTC (9pm eastern)on 1.860. Dave, K7DLB, will fire up the 'ol Kenwood and stomp on the foot pedal and fill the airwaves with the melodious tones of his voice. So come one, come all and join us!!!! If the band doesn't want to cooperate, we'll make it cooperate!!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is Amateur Radio Today...

While this video is a little dated (2003), it gives light on some of the valuable aspects of Ham Radio, especially on how it can provide valuable communication capability during emergency situations. Hosted by Walter Cronkite KB2GSD SK, a lifelong ham operator who recently passed away.

My thanks go out to "tomintexas" who posted the video on Youtube, along with another great video, "Hello Radio!", both video's produced and distributed by the American Radio Relay League,(ARRL).

Santa's Mail Bag

The question I am asked the most ON THE AIR is Whats A Prepper

My Answer is:

I have been thinking about this for some time now. This phrase or word has been getting a lot of attention lately. It seems as though this means many different things to many people. I can only speak for myself and what it means to me. I feel this way about it.

Prepper to me is simply put a way to define any one that takes a step towards being more self reliant. If you have never felt the need to have even one can of food or anything extra in your house than you are not a prepper.

If however you have felt the need to have some extra of anything you use than you would be described as a prepper. I know this is a rather simple description but this is the best I can truly answer the question of Whats A Prepper.

Many more questions are in and I will get to them soon so please keep checking back for more
73 W4DMH

Thursday, August 20, 2009

20 Meter Net has been rough

Well the 20 meter net tonight was anything but normal… Tonight’s net was a testament to the fact, no one ever knows what will happen on ham radio… We kicked off the night with a little pre-net rag chew… The band seemed promising right up till 10 minutes before net time… As luck would have it the band fell apart quick as lightening… After many calls for check-ins and nothing but noise… W4DMH (Santa) and KI4HEE (Bob) decided to wing it on 80 Meter… The net QSY’d to 3.961 and continued on… The Netlogger program was running over the internet and the new location was listed there…We had a first time check-in to the net on 80 meter asking what it was all about…With the change in the time it gets dark the decision has been made to move the Thursday night net to the 80 Meter band…There have been many request to do 80 meter so everyone here is your chance to come join us next Thursday night on or near 3.961…

W4DMH WV Dave (aka Santa) Net Control
KI4HEE SC Bob (aka Hawk)
AB4JM/M NH Jim (Motor Home Mobile)
W3ERE PA Ed (First time check-in) Welcome Ed with the question whats a prepper???

So there ya have it folks not many, but a very interesting mix, with one new visit and that is what it is all about.
73 All

It sure beats Thursday Night TV!

Don't forget, Thursday nite is 20 NITE! Come join Dave (aka Santa) on 14.320MHz. 01:00Zulu. (9PM EST)

Conditions have been poor of late, but the check-ins have been QUALTY! Become one of 'em...check-in early, stay late, n' bring a friend! We'll see ya' on the Radio!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

They came from far & wide...

Tonights net started out noisy but ended with signals coming in clear & strong. A lot to be said for persistance, it was a matter of keeping the net moving, calling for check-ins and working everyone who checked in.

There's starting to become a handful of regular stations like Bill KB1LUK, or Stuart KG4LMW in Knoxville on his front porch running 25 watts, who are checking in weekly. Great to see these stations working hard to get the net established. And it's always exciting to welcome a newcomer to the net, like Jim K4PV, with his wonderful sounding signal on his Flex Radio and powerful Delta Amp over there in the Florida Panhandle. Jim found this blog from our referrence to it during the net, as well as learned about the American Preppers Network, you can tell from his comments, he'll be checking in again.

While it was noisy...the net mined out pure gold...














Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Band was ALIVE!!!!!!!!

WOW!!!! That is all we can say about the 160 meter net tonite!!!!!Band conditions were fairly good as we had 8 checkins for the APRN 160 meter net. We heard from N8NMJ, Mike from Maryland; NW8I, Del from Ohio: WA1HHN, Walt from Massachusetts; KB3ROZ, Ed from Pennsylvania; KD8USA, Ty from Michigan; W4DMH, Dave from West Virginia; KI4HEE, Bob from South Carolina; and net control was K7DLB, Dave from Maryland.
The cool thing this evening was that almost everybody could hear each other. Sometimes in adverse band conditions, some guys are really tough to hear. The band was good enough tonite that we had to only use relays a couple of times, and the next round of comments everybody was heard just fine. We spent some time on a rag chew, get to know ya type of post net and we secured at about 0210 UTC. So being encouraged by these results,we can't wait for the APRN 160 net next week 0100 UTC next Sunday!!!!
73's and everybody have a safe week!!!!
K7DLB\Net control

Saturday, August 15, 2009


What do Country Music, Rock and Roll. And Ham Radio have in common you ask….Well…..HEIL SOUND would be the answer…The HEIL Microphone is widely known by ham radio operators world wide as one of the finest money can buy…Please watch the video below for the history of this company…. Ham Radio has more to do with the development of many things we never think of…..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Holy Moley!

Three Weeks = 3700+ visits!

We thought this might be a blog with potential, but Jeeze!

According to a little statistic counter here on the Blog, we've been turning some significant numbers...
Weekly Average of Total Visitors...927
Weekly Average of Unique Visitors... 506
Weekly Average of First-Time Visitors... 288
Weekly Average of Returning Visitors... 218

All this in THREE WEEKS!

What does this mean? Well, we're gaining visitors at a great rate, we're seeing a growing number of first-time visitors, and almost half of all visitors are returning!

Ummm... I got a black n blue mark on my arm where I'm pinching myself.

Mucho thanks to Dave W4DMH for the heavy lifting of prowling the forums n blogs, getting the word out. Promotion is a nasty job but he's a nasty guy (LOL). But a HUGE bunch of thanks for everyone for visiting, reading, linking, getting others to visit, and coming back to read more as well. This is may become a success because YOU are making it a success!

In response to all the attention, we're burning the midnite oil & working on bringing even more to the blog, more articles, more features, and especially more Radio Nets! (Count on hearing more on that later.)

Ok, enuf of this...the arm is sore from all the backslapping...

Thanks everyone, n' we'll see you all on the radio! 73 KI4HEE

The Santa Claus of Ham Radio

Mickey "Santa Claus" Hicks, WO6T Known to many amateurs and their children as Santa Claus, passed away Sunday, August 9. At the age of 79. For the past 38 years, Hicks, a ham for almost 50 years, would get on the air for 10 days each December as W6S Whiskers-6-Santa

I had the opportunity to speak with The Santa Claus of Ham Radio on 2 occasions. Once by his call WO6T and again as W6S. I will never forget the time's we talked.

Please read the article here SANTA CLAUS

"Whiskers 6 Santa" you will be missed by many

God Bless
Dave W4DMH

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Nite Net was quiet...

Have you ever had the feeling that everyone had gotten the memo but you? Or that everyone was watching, football n' you were watching Antiques Roadshow?

Well, that was the feeling you'd get listening to tonights net.

It was just one of those nights on the radio. You couldn't say anything about conditions, because conditions just wasn't there. It was like no one was on the radio tonite.

Actually it wasn't TOTALLY empty. Dave W4DMH checked in Darrell NW8I in Ohio and Bob KI4HEE checked in Bill KB1LUK in Mass. & Bob N1FBF in Connectcut.

So tonight wasn't quantity...but QUALITY!

Here's tonights net of Five Fine Stations...
1. W4DMH Dave WVA Net Control
2. NW8I Darrell OH
3. KB1LUK Bill W MA
4. N1FBF Bob CT
5. KI4HEE Bob SC

Thursday Night is 20 Meter Night

Tune in tonight on 20 meter
"Santa" W4DMH will take to the air tonight on or near 14.320 at 9pm Eastern 0100 UTC... Come one come all and bring a friend to find out what the topic for tonight’s net will be....... Whatever it is you can only find out by being there to enjoy.....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emergency Communications, What Works

How people communicate with one another when land line phones, cell phones and the internet are at best unreliable or nonexistent, is one thing that seems to get very little attention and is wide open to speculation.
A small group trying to survive hard times (which, depending from your viewpoint seems inevitable) will need to have a plan to communicate with each other. Aside from carrier pigeons, or smoke signals, there are modern options to consider and prep for. Three most readily available are GMRS or FRS radios, CB radios, and Ham radio.

GMRS/FRS: These radios are good for short distances with little terrain interference. Used as pagers/communicators inside a building or a camp, GMRS/FRS radios offer low-cost & convenience. Small and easy to carry, GMRS/FRS radio family biggest drawback is their range. While fine as a group communications tool, they lack the ability of medium or long rage communications.

CB radios: Around for several years as an offshoot of Ham Radio,CB does not require a license and, unlike amateur radio, it may be used for business as well as personal communications. Enjoying a boom in the mid-seventies and are readily available today, CB radios are still the main short range communications choice for Truckers.
You can find CB’s fairly cheaply at yard sales and flea markets. Mandated by regulation as a low power device, the range on these radios is much greater when combined with a signal amplifier, or “Linear” Amp. It is not advocated using a linear amp, however for the most part, enforcement of the restrictions are few and often only when an illegal stations signal interferes with other communication methods. Long distance communication is possible when atmospheric conditions permit.
CB radios come in many different forms, ranging from legal 40 channel/4 watt models, to a grey-area type of “export radio”, that skirts legality by being built for ham radio use, but are easily modified for the CB band. Operating within the 10-12 Meter HF Band, CB radios need a longer antenna than UHF/VHF GMRS/FRS radios. The unregulated “outlaw” nature of CB radio often fills the airways with raucous and foul language. At times, it’s best to keep small children out of the radio shack when the CB is on.

Ham or Amateur Radio: Offers the farthest operating range, and broadest array of communication modes, from voice communication, to text, photo, video, and digital telemetry. Requiring a license to operate, ham radio is well organized and self regulated.
Ham radio is fairly cheap to get started in as there are many used radio bargains around. New ham radios cost run from hundreds, to several thousands of dollars, but with frugal shopping, one can set up a rather nice base station and talk all around the world.
Some of the best ham antennas are homemade, simple to conceal, wire antennas strung between trees. This type set up is very portable if need be, and can be setup almost anyplace. Mobile ham rigs are available that can talk all over the world... A typical ham might check into a long distance radio net during a morning commute, rag chew with regular’s everyday from Florida to Canada and make contacts from east coast to west coast hams with ease.

Choosing a way to communicate outside normal everyday methods, can be a daunting task. So much of it depends on your needs, but how you apply your limited resources, and for what return is inconsequential as long as your ability to get your message heard at a critical time can be assured. For further help in weighing options and to learn more about what choices are available, these websites can be of some help.

Original work by W4DMH refined by KI4HEE

CB/Ham and Other

Ham Radio In US

Ham Radio In US

Ham Radio In US

Ham radio in Canada

Ham radio in Canada

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Net, Great Results

Twenty Check-ins! Wow! What fun. Each time we do this, the list gets longer and longer. Conditions were less than desirable, but still, there were pile-ups as folks tried to check in, with audio fading in an out, it was sometimes tough to dig the callsigns out of the noise.

But after the smoke cleared, and a hour & 10 minutes later, 20 stations were in the net log:
1. KI4HEE BOB SC Net Control

We added a new feature to the net...a ragchew topic, and tonite's topic was on how you would operate under "Field Conditions". A lot of great responses, which was expected since Ham Operators are aways known as people "Out Standing" in their fields. '73 Bob KI4HEE

Psst...spread the news...

Just a reminder to tune in to 40 Meters tonight, 01:00 ZULU/9PM EST on or around 7.198MHz.
Bob KI4HEE will start the net with a new feature... A RAGCHEW TOPIC!

Tonight's topic..."How prepared are you to operate radio under "Field" conditions?"

We'll see you on the radio.... '73 KI4HEE

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I'll betya all of the other bands were quiet tonite because we had ALL of the noise on the 160m band. We did manage 1 new checkin tonite though;KB3IFH, Randy from Baltimore, Maryland checked in and stuck around to shoot the breeze a bit. So tonite we had 3 checkins, W4DMH Dave, KB3IFH Randy, and K7DLB Dave net control. PLEASE keep in mind, we will continue to hold this net because as summer winds down, the 160m band "opens up" and it gets real easy to make contacts all over!!!!! So we will try again again next week!! Same time, same frequency. Until then, this is K7DLB, saying 73 and have a great week!!!!!

Have you got your ears on?

While we've been having great success establishing a net on the Ham Radio Bands, there are many without a ham license who haven't been able to participate and are missing out on the action. Some have commented interest in getting a radio receiver so they can listen in. Short of getting a ham radio license & radio, a portable shortwave receiver is wise choice for anyone who wishes to have a reliable back-up for getting news & information.

With a wide range of radio coverage, a Short-Wave Receiver brings the world to your fingertips, allowing you to listen in on world-wide Commercial Radio Broadcasts, Aviation, & Maritime, Business Radio, and much more. Most Shortwave receivers have more sensitivity and selectivity than your run-of-the-mill radio receiver, so it can tune in weaker stations out of the noise, as well as audio signal filters and fine tuning that can help greatly in clearing up the clutter.

At right:Shopping around? Check out this KAITO KA1102BLK Digital AM/FM/SW World Receiver with SSB.

Most importantly, a good shortwave receiver offers more than the standard modes of AM (Amplitude Modulation), and FM (Frequency Modulation). SSB, or Single-Sideband mode is the method of choice of broadcasting a signal long range with low power. A majority of Military, Maritime, and Ham Radio broadcasts use single-sideband to communicate and a shortwave receiver with SSB capability opens up a whole world of radio often overlooked and unheard.

To listen in on the American Prepper Radio Net a shortwave radio needs to have single-sideband capability. Without it, the signals sound something like Donald Duck whispering....CB'ers call it "ghost-talk"....you hear it but can't make out what's being said .

If you like to learn more, J&R Audio and Electronics offers a good page of information about Short-Wave Radios in their product guide. (Editors Note: We wish to thank J&R Electronics for it's product images & links.)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Topband Sunday

Spread the word. The Net's on 160Meters Sunday night at 0100 ZULU (9PM EST) listen on or around 1.860 Mhz. Dave K7DLB will be net control.

A hard band for some, a band of choice for others, 160 Meters is a wonderful band for all who can tune in. We'll be listening for your check-in starting at 9PM.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Lady's Day on Talk Radio

The Lady's of the CPN / APN will be on James Talmage Stevens Talk Radio Show this Saturday at 2pm Eastern time. Please show your support for them by either listening or if you can not listen please go download the show later and listen to the recorded version.

The panel of ladies will be
Prepared in Tennessee

Last week Tom, Matt, Bob, and WVSanta were guest on the show and if you missed it you can download the show and hear what they had to say

We really hope that everyone will show there support and listen or download the show
Also you can call in to the show at 1-347-326-9604

Santa's Mail Bag

Welcome to the first ever addition of Santa’s Mail Bag...

How hard is it to become a Ham?

Santa’s Answer: It is not hard at all. Some would say it is too easy but I feel this way... we need all the people we can get to join this great hobby. USE it or LOSE it

Q: How does one get started?

Santa’s Answer: There are many ways to do this. First, for people that like to read, there are study guides available that can get you started. There are also many web sites with either FREE or paid use, practice tests that you can take over and over, until you are scoring high enough to pass the tests for real. Please see this link to QRZ.COM, this is how I got started, and it is FREE. Check out your local Ham Radio Club, they're a great help at getting you started. And there's organizations like The Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), or Radio Amateurs of Canada(RAC). They offer countless books & study guides, as well as a vast knowledge base online.

Q: How much does the test cost?

Santa’s Answer: Every group of VE’s* that do testing has there own policy for that. But generally it costs around $14 per test session, the good news is you can take all three tests for each class in one session. You pass the Technician test, you can immediately test for General Class, pass that, then test for Extra Class. You bring a copy of two forms of ID, they provide the test materals and a #2 pencil.
*(VE stand’s for Volunteer Examiners you must be one to help give the test, any Ham can be a VE they just have to volunteer.)

This is not every question We have been asked but I do need something for the next addition of SANTA’S MAIL BAG coming soon.

Keep the questions coming to SANTA'S MAIL BAG and We will do our best to find you the answer

73 for now

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Worst 20 Meter Band Conditions To Date

With the worst band conditions on 20 meter to date we still managed to have a great net. Once again this should go to prove how effective Ham Radio is for communication.

With these horrible conditions the very first check in was Jim AB4JM/M in New Hampshire. Yes he was a mobile station, for those that do not understand what /M after a call means. It is simply put, in some type of vehicle rather it was a car, van or big truck they all are considered mobile. Maritime Mobile would be a boat and Aeronautical mobile would be a plane. Yes folks there are Ham Radio Operators that have gear on there boats and also there planes.

The wonderful world of Ham Radio. Ham Radio can be set up in Portable, Mobile, or Base station just to name a few. We Ham's also enjoy the ability to run on emergency power without being connected to grid power. This ability allows us to operate virtually any place in the world at any time.

Anyway here is the list of check ins so you all can see how, with help from other Hams even under terrible conditions we again had a wonderful net.

W4DMH Dave in WV (also known as Santa) Net Control
AB4JM/M Jim in NH
KI4HEE Bob in SC
N8NMJ Mike in MD
N1FBF Bob in CT
N5JXM Bill in TX
KD8KDN Frank in MI
KE5VOX Rene in TX
KG4FJW Kieth in AL

We thank everyone that was so patient as we all struggled to run the net in such bad conditions. Things will get better and we will still be here calling CQ CQ CQ this is ______ calling the American Preppers Radio Net. So please come back often and bring a friend. Stick around after the net because there is always someone willing to hang out and chew the fat awhile. This net is all about having fun and helping others be better preppared.
73 all W4DMH

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Talk to Santa on 20 Meters Thursday Night

All you good little Boys & Girls have a chance to get a jump on the competition by getting your Christmas wishes in early. Just talk to the jolly guy himself, Dave W4DMH(a.k.a. Santa) as he cranks up the 20 meter net Thursday Night, 9PM EST (1:00Zulu) on 14.320 MHz.

We're not saying he'll get ya that big Yeasu Rig you always wanted, but at least you won't have to sit on his lap.

You can catch SSTV images from the ISS

A message sent by Marc, PD4U in Holland came this news tidbit...
The Russians have started their MA-75 experiment again, and thus SSTV pictures can be received from the International Space Station in Robot36 on 145.800 MHz FM

Check out Marc's webpage for more info and some great photos taken from the International Space Station.

SSTV Slow Scan Television is a early method of sending images via radio. Ham Operators use free software like MMSSTV to send and receive images. If you haven't tried it or seen it in action, by all means give it a try, especially if you can catch a SSTV QSL photo from NA1SS on the ISS.
UPDATE:Here's a link to a live tracking map of the ISS.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wow! They came from everywhere!

Talk about a Barn-burner! Tonight's 40 Meter APRNet saw stations checking in fast & furious, and all jumping out of a cacophony of static crashes & QRM (...cacophony means a WHOLE bunch)

After a last minute move from 7.196 to 7.198 to get some distance from another net in progress, the net started smoothly enough, although it was rough going trying to hear through all the hash.

Again, another total stranger, (to the net) came to the rescue...Derek, AJ4OV down in St. Petersburg Fl. checked in and was immediately recruited, with his "blowtorch" signal, to call for some check-ins. He brought in 5 additional stations to the list. Thanks a BUNCH, Derek.

All in all, 20 stations checked in, a bunch of repeats and a lot of first-timers. We plotted all but one, Robert N8Rlg in Ohio who was mobile, but still, the whole southeastern US, from New Hampshire to Texas was well represented.

While some checked in from hearing of the net from our blog, most signed in first time from just hearing the net on the air, one fellow, Gary, AI4JA was real happy to find us, since he & his wife are fully "prepperized". They are very happy to find us, and the blog.

Here's who got on the "payroll" this week...
1. KI4HEE Bob SC Net Control
2. N5QNT Art NC
3. W4DMH Dave WVA
4. W2WTF Brad SC
5. KF4VGV Rick SC
6. KD5GFG Tom LA
7. KB1LUK Bill NH
8. N5JXM Dick TX
9. AJ4OV Derek FL
10. WB4GLE Jerry NC
11. K0TPP Larry MO
12. KE5VOT Rene TX
13. K4GIV Tom GA
14. K4QBA Matt KY
15. N1FBF Bob CT
16. AI4JA Gary SC
17. N8RLG Robert OH
18. KB3QIU Marty PA
19. WD4SDC Steve NC
20. W4FCH Clyde VA

As popular as 40 meters is, it's looking like Tuesday night is solidly 40'nite for the APRN. Thanks for everyone for making this all happen.
'73 Bob KI4HEE

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tuesday Night is 40 Night!

UPDATE: To Keep us from conflicting with another Net, Tonights Net will be on 7.198Mhz....KI4HEE

Feeling frisky? Looking for fun? Come join in the "Forty Frolic" with us Tuesday Night at 9PM EST (01:00 Zulu)

We'll be taking the American Preppers Radio Net to the air again on 7.196MHz. Last week's net had a rocky start since the advertised frequency was dominated by the BBC broadcast right at the top of the hour.

Hopefully, things will start out fine with our move to 7.196, if we do have a conflict, just tune around...we'll be out there, taking check-ins. We're counting on good band conditions, and with luck we'll be heard clear across the country, maybe even out across the globe.

Come join in the fun, Tuesday Night, 9PM EST (01:00Zulu) on 7.196MHz.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a NOISEY BAND!!!!!

Well, we tried to run our 160m Net this evening and the band would not cooperate. We did have 5 stations to add to the log,KD8USA and KD8EAF from Michigan and W4DMH from West Virginia. Rounding out net was KB1LUK and KI4HEE. It was real interesting to try to pull call signs out of the static but I really appreciate the persistence from each of the checking stations. That is one thing about HAM radio, we will not always have "perfect" conditions but through persistence, and a little electronic wizardry, we can get the job done!!!!!
Well, we'll try again next week at 9PM Eastern, on 1.860. So, a big THANKS!!!! to all that stuck in there with us and have a safe week!!!!

The Net is heading to the Top Band

Tune in tonight on 160 meters as The American Preppers Radio Net takes to the air again at 9 PM EST.

"The Top Band" of Ham Radio, 160 meters is rarified territory for some hams, but for those who work it, it's the band of choice. Come check-in with Dave K7DLB as he cranks up the Net tonight on or around 1.860 MHz.
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