Monday, October 26, 2009


We now have our own APRN store up and running!! There are a variety of images and items available and more are being added!!!!
If you are interested in a particular item, click on that item and you will see a box that says "customize it". There you can choose different background colors and font designs to suite your tastes. So, go on in the store and choose from many items and logo designs and have some fun!!!!!
Also, we are offering custom Call Sign, CB Handle or name mousepads set in the design similar to the APRN Eagle logo. You will see how it will look with an example in the store using Dave's W4DMH call sign. A great gift idea for the Holidays or Birthday!!!!! There is a 3-7 character limit.
So, click on the store logo on the right sidebar and support the APRN and get a kool item as well!!!!! If you need any help, email me at d.beaver@myactv.net.
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