Thursday, December 31, 2009


We here at the APRN wish each and every one of our readers and friends a very happy and prosperous New Year!!!! We truly hope that the New Year will bring lots of happiness and good news for all!!!!
As 2010 approaches, we hope you will continue to prepare yourselves and your family for whatever may confront us. It does help to be prepared for anything, and peace of mind and security is one of the pluses to being prepared. As radio operators. we need to continue to practice our operating skills in 2010 and help to spread the Prepper message throughout the radio community.
The APRN will continue our mission in 2010 and we need your help and ideas to make this an interesting and useful resource for radio operators, Preppers and anyone that is looking for Prepping information.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Short and Sweet....the APRN 160m net

Sunday nites APRN 160m net was a 2 man show as AC0BG, Dean was the only check in. The net wound up on 1.857.5 as 1.860 was busy. Del and Dean did carry on a conversation about the old tools that were used back in the day.
Remember, if you don't hear the net on 1.860, spin that dial and track us down!!!! The 160 meter band is really busy right now as conditions have been really good lately. The APRN group is relatively new at operating nets in crowded conditions but we will figure it out!!!!!
Everybody have a safe week!!!!! Remember, Friday we will have to start writing 2010 on everything.......

Saturday, December 26, 2009

As the year winds down.......The 160m APRN Net!!!!!

Come on in and join Del, NW8I for the last official APRN 160m Net for 2009 on Sunday night at 0200UTC, 9pm Eastern. It has been a good year here at the APRN and we are looking forward to 2010 to be even better in many respects!!!!
The topic will be old tools and their uses. You know, technology has us spoiled. What would we do if we have to revert to the old "Elbow Grease Technology"???. Actually, we here at the APRN wonder if there are some times that the "old way" isn't the better way?????
SO, please be sure to tune in and join us and get involved in the discussion!!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

I want to say first of all I am very sorry for not being around at all lately.

I also want to thank everyone that has been helping out to keep things going.

I have been very busy lately with trying to make a living. I have been running 24/7 since Friday when it started snowing here. I have been plowing snow all weekend and today is the first real break I have had.

I will not have a lot of time until after the Holidays so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish every body a very Merry Christmas. God Bless all and please be safe over this Holiday season.
Dave aka Santa

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's that time of year again!!!! Part 2

Sunday Night Del NW8I was at a Christmas program that members of his family were participating in. The program ran late and he did not get back in time for the net. So, the topic will be the same for this Sundays net. This is the time of the year for family and friends and we here at the APRN hope that everybody takes the time to spend some good quality time with family this season!!!! The radio will be there after the Christmas and New Year Holiday are over. And so will the APRN!!!!
Also, Don't forget tonites 40m net as Jeff KD8JPQ gives it another try. Conditions haven't been so good lately so dial around a see what happens at 5pm Eastern on 7.198LSB or thereabouts!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Better Late Than Never!!!! APRN 160m Net

Your humble author of Net Announcements, K7DLB, was stuck in Richmond Virginia fro the weekend after fighting his way through the "Blizzard of '09". He is home safe and sound and once again penning the Net Announcement for tonites net......

Tonite, Del, NW8I will be "Old Tools and how to do things the old way". As Preppers we need to remain schooled in the old way of building, maintaining and getting around the possible failures of some of the new tech ways that we have been accustomed to.
So, join in the discussion tonite at 0200utc, 9PM Eastern and maybe stir up some of those memories of hand saws, brace and bits, whittling knives and other old school items!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The 160m Net was all HEATED UP!!!!!

Here is Del's summary of tonites net
The topic for our Sunday night's APRNet was what do the net members use for
Emergency Soldering jobs. There were a lot of comments and I enjoyed this
net very much.

Most of the guys have or use one or more of the following items:
1. Use an inverter or generator to supply current to a conventional 110 vt
soldering iron.

2. Butane or propane torches, especially for outside RF connectors. One of
the points several guys made on the use of these tools was that they get
very hot and will burn what you're wanting to solder if you're not careful.
One tip was to shut the torch off for a second or two before you use it.
Another good suggestion was you can heat up a screwdruver held in a set of
pliers and do some soldering with that.

3. 12 volt battery soldering irons work pretty well and don't use too much
current. One idea was to use powerpole connectors on the iron and battery
for easy hookups.

4. There are smaller battery powered soldering irons using several AAs or
other types of batteries. Those are of limited use, taking a lot of
batteries with their high current draw.

5. Wood fired or charcoal fired old style soldering irons can be used for a
lot of jobs not requiring more delicate equipment.

Several of the guys have handpowered mechanical drills and the like. They
mentioned that sometimes you can find old style hand equipment at yard sales
and such. Obviously the APRNers as a group think this kind of equipment is
important, even tho most folks would say its old-fashioned. When the grid
is down old-fashioned will look good! I might add that everyone who checked
into the net has some form of emergency power, except for yours truly. I'm
workin on it. Really. Honest.

Some other contributions were that we're heading into a 35 mph world,
meaning we'll be using more battery powered vehicles and such. We need some
new reqs to enable this kind of vehicle to be used more safely in traffic

10 years ago one of the guys heard this comment made at a municipal meeting
in a local town. If the grid was down and/or transport was interrupted,
people would start dying in 3 weeks. Those weren't the exact words but you
get the idea.

Thanks to all who checked in tonight.

AC0BG Dean

N8BIT Dave



W8UZZ Russ

NW8I Del

73s till next week

Del nw8i

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The 10 Meter Band was rockin Saturday!!!!

I actually got a little time to play radio late Saturday night and I found the 10m band just getting with it!!!! There was a contest going on and there was a GREAT opening!!!!! Take a look at the map. I've never gotten into South Dakota on 10 before so there was a new personal record set!!!!All done with my KENWOOD 450(Santa)at 100 watts and my trusty 'ol Moonraker. I hope the openings continue and I get to hear some of the Preppers gang workin the bands!!!!
PS You can click on the pictures in the posts to expand them!!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunday Night Net

The Sun night APRNet will meet on/or about 1.860 mhz at 0200Z(9pm eastern).

The topic for discussion will be: What do you use for soldering when the grid is down. 12 volt stuff, butane torches, fire heated soldering irons? Something else? Where do we get this equipment?

The topic was suggested a few weeks ago on one of the nets. Looking forward to the discussion.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Attention all you 40 meter Operators!!!

PLEASE set aside the salad and steak for a bit to check in to the APRN 40 meter net Tuesday at 5pm Eastern. Jeff, KD8JPQ is out checking his antennas and making sure everything is A-ok to bring the net to life on 7.198LSB give or take a couple of KC's. So check in and join the fun as we never know what Jeff may have up his sleeve!!!!!
Don't forget, 7.198 +or- a few, 5PM Eastern!!!!!!


Just a quick note for everyone. We have a page set up for links to useful information. If you find something you would like to share with others please email us so we can link to it. If you have not seen the page yet please click on the APRN Links on the bar at the top of the page

WOW what a net it was

The 160 meter net was actually on 1.858 instead of 1.860 mhz tonight. The group on 1.860 continued to meet at 0200z so I just QSYed to 1.858. Most everyone found us, but in the future if you don't hear us on 1.860 just look up or down a few khz, hopefully we'll be there.

The topic for discussion tonight was what is your favorite prepper books? Non-fiction and fiction.

On the Non-fiction side The encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery was popular. It covers a huge amount of information on planting, baking, cooking, farm animals and much more.

Next the Foxfire series of books was noted. This series covers all areas of old style living from Appalachia.

Also mentioned was Where There is No Doctor as well as Where There is no Dentist.

How to Survive the End of the World by James Wesley, Rawles is a good overall book on the prepper subject.

Libraries were mentioned as a source to borrow and look for books at their book sales. Another tip was to source links to the APRN Links page for additional sources of internet information.

In the fiction category:

Civil War II the Coming Breakup of America

The Patriots by James Wesley Rawles

Alas Bablyon by Pat Frank

Pulling Thru by Dean Ing

The Earth Abides by George R. Stewart

It was mentioned that the unemployment rate must be higher than the official stats because there are many people who have gone off the unemployment compensation roll that aren't counted. That is undoubtedly correct.

The check-ins for tonight were:

AC0BG Dean-Iowa
W4DMH Dave- WV

Late in the net K2IPX Bill checked in with a very nice sig from NJ. Bill is a professional meteorologist and his take on Global Warming is that it is an unproven science with a little dishonesty thrown in by the pro warming enthusiasts. He didn't volunteer that comment. As we had a professional on line I asked him what his opinion was. The reason I asked is because its hard to make a judgment on issues like Global Warming and others by listening to the Establishment media.

All in all it was another nice net tonight and I want to thank everyone who checked in. I appreciate it very much.

Del nw8i

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tonite Del, NW8I takes the controls of the APRN 160 Meter Net!!!!

Ok gang....Tonite Del, NW8I will be substituting for K7DLB as Net Control of the 160m net. We don't want you guys treating him like the substitute teacher that you mistreated in High School!!! There will be no throwing of pencils, shooting spitballs or snoring allowed!!!!! Actually Del will be taking the Net for the Month of December. So lets make sure he gets a good case of writers cramp!!!!
Del's topic will be "What is your favorite reading material concerning Prepping?" Fiction, Non fiction, Author ETC.
So join in the discussion at 0200UTC(9pm) Eastern on 1.860LSB. Maybe some more of our friends out in the great midwest can join in as Del is located in Ohio.
Thanks Del for stepping in!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free Medical Clinics

With the economy the way it is I felt this information my help some people out. If you are in need of medical care and can not afford to see a doctor PLEASE see if there is a clinic listed in your state near enough for you to get the medical help you need. The National Association of Free Clinics has listings by the state here.


It's that time of year again!!!!

Well, as the Christmas season approaches, many of us are getting busy at work and around the house not only settling in for winter but the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday season.
The same can be said for me. It am a Linehaul Contractor for FedEX Ground and our business EXPLODES at this time each year!!!! I have been asked to work Sundays up until Christmas so that takes me out of the 160m net for a bit. I have asked Del, NW8I to fill in for me.
We will let you know what is happening as time goes on so STAY TUNED for updates and info!!!!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

APRN 40 Meter net returns Tuesday December 1st

Please Welcome KD8JPQ Jeff as he takes the rains of the 40 meter APRN net this Tuesday night on 7.198 at 5pm Eastern.

I hope everyone will come join the fun with Jeff as the 40 meter net makes it's return to the Air. We have received many emails over the last 2 months asking when we were going to bring back the 40 meter net. It seems that there are a lot of people that can do 40 meter but not 80 and 160 meter. It has taken some time to get this worked out but we have got a plan and truly hope that more people will now be able to get on the net. Make plans now to come join and do bring a friend if you can, all are welcome here for the return to 40 meters.

The topic for Tuesday will be "REACHING OUT" so everyone please try to reach out and spread the word to others for the return of this very popular net.

Ham Radio 101 Q Codes

Here is a list of the most commonly used Q codes. This can be a little confusing for someone just learning so if you have questions please visit our radio forum board and feel free to ask. There are a good group of people willing to help you learn if you just ask. Please click on the link on the left side of the page for the forum board.

QRG- Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of _____)?
Your exact frequency (or that of _____) is ______ kHz.

QRH- Does my frequency vary?
Your frequency varies.

QRI- How is the tone of my transmission?
The tone of your transmission is ____ (1. Good; 2. Variable; 4. Bad).

QRJ- Are you receiving me badly?
I cannot receive you. Your signals are too weak.

QRK- What is the intelligibility of my signals (or those of____)?
The intelligibility of your signals (or those of _____) is (1. Bad 2. Poor
3. Fair; 4. Good; 5. Excellent).

QRL- Are you busy?
I am busy (or I am busy with _______). Please do not interfere.

QRM- Is my transmission being interfered with?
Your transmission is being interfered with ______ (1. Nil; 2. Slightly;
3. Moderately; 4. Severely; 5. Extremely.)

QRN- Are you troubled by static?
I am troubled by static _____ (1-5 as under QRM).

QRO- Shall I increase power?
Increase power.

QRP- Shall I decrease power?
Decrease power.

QRQ- Shall I send faster?
Send faster (____WPM).

QRS- Shall I send more slowly?
Send more slowly (____WPM).

QRT- Shall I stop sending?
Stop sending.

QRU- Have you anything for me?
I have nothing for you.

QRV- Are you ready?
I am ready.

QRW- Shall I inform ____ that u are calling on ____ kHz?
Please inform ____ that I am calling on ____ kHz.

QRX- When will you call me again?
I will call you again at ___ hours (on ___ kHz).

QRY- What is my turn?
Your turn is numbered ___

QRZ- Who is calling me?
You are being called by ___ (on ___ kHz).

QSA- What is the strength of my signals (or those of ____)?
The strength of your signals (or those of ____) is ____(1. Scarcely
perceptible; 2. Weak; 3. Fairly good; 4. Good; 5. Very good).

QSB- Are my signals fading?
Your signals are fading.

QSD- Is my keying defective?
Your keying is defective.

QSG- Shall I send ____ messages at a time?
Send _____messages at a time

QSK- Can you hear me between your signals and if so can I break in on
your transmission?
I can hear you between my transmissions; break in
on my transmission.

QSL- Can you acknowledge receipt?
I am acknowledging receipt.

QSM- Shall I repeat the last message I sent or some previous message?
Repeat the last message or message number____ you sent

QSN- Did you hear me or ____ on ____KHZ?
I heard you or _____ on ____KHZ.

QSO- Can you communicate with ____direct or by relay?
I can communicate with ____ direct or by relay through _____

QSP- Will you relay to____?
I will relay to ______

QST- General call to all amateurs or to ARRL members

QSU- Shall I send a reply on this frequency or on ___KHZ?
Send a reply on this frequency or on____KHZ.

QSW- Will you send on this frequency or on___KHZ?
I will send on this frequency or on ___KHZ.

QSX- Will you listen to ___on___KHZ?
I am listening to ___on___KHZ.

QSY- Should I move to another frequency or to ___KHZ?
I will move to another frequency or to ___KHZ.

QSZ- Shall I send each word or group twice or ___ times?
Send each word or group twice or ___ times.

QTA- Shall I cancel message number___?
Cancel message number___?

QTB- Do you agree with my count of words?
I do not agree I will repeat the first letter or digit of each word or group.

QTC- How many messages do you have to send?
I have ____ messages to send.

QTH- What is your location?
My location is ___ .

QTR- What is the correct time?
The correct time is ____.

This list is of the Q codes used mostly for CW or Morse code but you will hear several of these used in voice communication as well On The Air. I hope this will help some of you wanting to learn more or that are just getting started in Ham radio. As I said in a earlier post for Ham Radio 101 we Hams speak a different language sometimes and trust me if you are waiting until you need ham radio to use it you will have a big learning curve ahead. Now is the time to get good with the skill of communication not when you have no choice. Practice makes perfect but do not wait to start practicing in the midst of a emergency situation.
73 all
Copyright © 2009 www.w4dmh.com

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Everybody needs a Boat Anchor!!!!! The APRN 160 Meter net......

No, the APRN 160m net is not a boat anchor, but the discussion on tonites net did bring up a couple of good points on why we should think about owning one. We talked about the new technology that is available today in the radio world and certainly there are some wonderful systems out there that can make Ham Radio very interesting, and user friendly. But, as was discussed, just how will the new technologies be able to support us when we need them most? How will we be able to repair them in case of damage, exposure to the elements or any other situation? A ton of food for thought. The old hybrid tube/solid state rigs or any other "Boat Anchor" just may be the answer. They take a bit more to operate and set up, but, they are also very repairable. So as W4DMH, put it, it is nice to have the new technology to play with, but for a backup to your backup, you just might want to look into a Boat Anchor!!!!
Thanks to all that checked in tonite. Have a GREAT week and we will look for you again next week, same time, same frequency!!!!
Tonites Check ins:



PS Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming 40 meter net on Tuesday Dec 1st!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The APRN 160m Net........Sunday 9PM Eastern!!!!

Sunday night at 9pm the APRN 160m net gets underway once again with K7DLB at the controls. The topic will be "Where will Ham Radio be in 10 years". This is last weeks topic but it was postponed due to an awesome discussion about swine flu shots. Now, it could very well be sidelined again as you never quite know what is up the sleeves of some of our regulars!!!! They can be SNEAKY!!!!
So, please check in and join us for an one hours worth of great Ham Radio discussion.
Once again, 1.860LSB 9pm Eastern, be there or be square!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Flu News

For those interested in learning more about the H1N1 or swine flu topic from the Sunday Night net please see the link below



Please allow Santa and I to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. We really thank all of our regular readers and new friends for their support and encouragement. We hope that you all will enjoy the holiday. PLEASE,remember our soldiers in uniform that may not be home for this holiday. We here at the APRN are thankful for our military that sacrifices so much to defend our freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.
PS: The Thursday night APRN 80m net will take a standby for the holiday so that everybody can enjoy family and friends. If you are traveling, Be safe and we'll catch you soon on the airwaves!!! God Bless!!!! W4DMH and K7DLB

Monday, November 23, 2009


This actually dovetails nicely with Santa's "Life Lessons Series" Part 4.
Last night while preparing for the 160m meter net, a bunch of operators were on the 1.860 frequency having a very nice ragchew session. They are regulars since the 160m band opened up and they are always very gracious when I ask if I can have the frequency at 9pm for the net. It was no different last night except for one operator that expressed his opinion on our project and the whole Prepper movement in general. It was not directed at me, nor was it nasty or out of line, it was his opinion and he is certainly entitled to it. To kind of condense his thoughts, I'll just say he was calling us a bunch of "Chicken Littles". I thought about this and here are my thoughts....
This operator is, I'm afraid, the norm, rather than the exception. He has lived his life his own way probably not paying a whole lot of attention to things outside his immediate world. When he does pay attention to the news of the day, it has been trimmed and slanted as the Media is so inclined to do. I feel bad for folks like this. It is the goal of this movement and others like it to wake people up. Santa's post lays it out nicely. So read it a couple of times to let it sink in and get to work!!!! There is much to do, we have to be ready WHEN, not IF things get troublesome!!!!!!!!!
Dave K7DLB

Life's Lessons Part 4 APRN Goals

Life's Lessons Part 4

I have enjoyed sharing with you this series of post on how and why the APRN was born and I hope you have enjoyed getting to know just a little about me and how this all happened. Next, I want to share the main goals we have here at the APRN and coming soon I will try to share some of the plans we have in the works to help accomplish the goals listed here.

The goals of the APRN

1. To have established nets run at least 3 nights per week

2. To help educate people that are either new to Ham radio or that are just learning what Ham radio has to offer them.

3. To demonstrate just how functional Ham radio is for communications needs with no grid support at all and also just how versatile the hobby can be with very limited grid support.

4. To be prepared to assist with any need for communications during an emergency or disaster, and to be on the air to help provide communications in the event of a failure of the grid supported forms of communication.

5. To help with educating people of the importance of being prepared to provide for themselves in the event of any type of emergency, rather it be a natural disaster or a man made event that would disrupt the way we live or normal lives.

This is just an outline of the major goals of the APRN and while there may well be more in the future, this will give you some idea about why we are here. If anyone here reading has any ideas or suggestions please use the email contact on the right side of this page.
73 for now
Dave aka Santa
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a GREAT Discussion on 160 meter!!!!!!

The APRN 160m net was jumping tonite!!!! The topic was changed at the last minute and we moved into a BIG discussion on the Swine Flu shot program. We found that thoughts and opinions were varied. Everybody had their reasons for getting or not getting the shots and those reasons were well founded. It seems that most folks really dug into the research and made some educated decisions!!!!!Thanks to all that checked in tonite and be sure to check in next week, same time, same frequency!!!!!
Tonites Check ins:
NW8I Del, OH
W4DMH Dave, WV
W3ATM Bill, PA New Check in, THANKS!!!!
N8HHG Paul, OH New Check in, THANKS!!!!
K2IPX Bill, NY New Check in, THANKS!!!!
AC0BG Dean, IA
PS: Have a happy Thanksgiving and if you are traveling, PLEASE be careful and have a safe trip!!!!!

The APRN 160 meter net tonite is............

.......Wide open for discussion!!!! Ha!!! Tonite K7DLB will throw the doors to the APRN 160m net wide open for anybody to come in and participate. The discussion tonite will be "What direction do you see Ham Radio going in the next 10 years??". There have been a lot of changes lately, some good, some not so good. We started to touch on this last week with the Morse Code topic. So, tune in and join K7DLB at 0200UTC(9pm Eastern) on 1.860LSB and lets talk it up!!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We need a Net Control operator for 80m Thursday nite net!!!

Del, NW8I is the victim of a fierce line noise problem that takes him out of the 80m game. Until he finds the problem, we need a new net control operator for that position. If you are interested in picking up that net please click the E-mail button and let us know!!! It is not that hard!!! You do not necessarily have to run a topic every week if you would like to just run a general discussion net. I do have 1 operator interested but I'm not sure if he can do it each week due to other net commitments.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The 80 meter net is all crossed up!!!

Yup, Del, NW8I has his fingers, toes and eyes crossed so tonite his crazy noise level doesn't return!!! As busy as 8om has been lately Del is going to get the net up and running at 0200utc(9pm eastern) on 3.961LSB or somewhere close. IF he's not there try 3.983LSB or who knows, maybe he'll be playing Follow the Net Control Operator to see who can keep up!!!! We certainly hope you can join in tonite and get in on some good converstation!!!!!!

Ham radio 101

I am going to start posting some things that everyone interested in Ham Radio will need to learn. I hope that this will help those wanting to get there ticket.(License)

Ham operators have a language they use that many do not know, I will be trying to help you understand what you hear on the airwaves over the next couple of weeks.

Lesson one is going to be the internationally recognized phonetic alphabet. A good use for this other than Ham radio is when you talk with those customer service or tech support people. They are always fumbling for words to spell with phonetically and it throws them for a loop when you spell things back to them with ease using this.




























1 = ONE

2 = TWO


4 = FOUR


6 = SIX




0 = ZERO

The words in parentheses are the pronunciation or the alternate pronunciations for the words or numbers, but you will hear both used. With the letter Z, (ZED) is by far the most commonly used. With the number 9, NINER is the most common and easiest to understand ON THE AIR.

One more thing I will cover today is the use of 73 (best wishes) normally followed by either the persons call sign or de (from) then there call sign.

73 W4DMH or 73 de W4DMH

This would be;

Best wishes radio station W4DMH

Best wishes from radio station W4DMH

There you have the first lesson. Learn it and have fun with it the next time you need it with a call to TECH SUPPORT you will love it.

73 To All


Dave aka Santa

Copyright © 2009 www.w4dmh.com

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ham Radio 101

I would like to share with our readers today that are either new to ham radio or that are not ham radio operators yet. If you are a prepper and do not plan to become a ham but listen to short wave this may help you as well.

CQ or as it is normally used CQ CQ CQ Normally next you will hear the operator say what band they are on such as 10 meter or 20 meter etc. then followed by there call sign then more often than not CQ CQ then QRZ

CQ - means I wish to contact any amateur station

QRZ - Means Who is calling me and spoken Q R ZED

Now lets cover some more of the common slang you may hear and not understand.

73 or 73's - This stand's for best wishes or best regards

88 or 88's - Hugs and Kisses

Now let me warn you there is a never ending quarrel over having the 's after the number. Well that will continue forever so I do not pay much attention to that.

XYL - Wife

YL - Young Lady (any women that is not married or commonly a girlfriend)

OM - Old Man (A common term like calling another operator a friend)

OT - Old Timer or someone that has been a Ham for a long time

LID - Used to describe a poor operator (using bad habits or being annoying)

HI HI - Laughing (like LOL on a computer)

Ticket - Your Ham license

Machine - A repeater

Rig - Your radio

DX - Long distance normally referred to as communication with a different country

QRM - Interference

QSB - Signals are fading

QSL - Used like saying that you understand what was said or you copy what was said

QSY - Changing frequency

QTH - Where you are located (My QTH is ________ county West Virginia)

This is just a small list but they are some of the most common. If you are a prepper and or new to ham radio please come back often for more info on ham radio and being prepared.

Stay tuned more to come soon

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life’s Lessons Part 3

Life’s Lessons Part 3

Being a talker and not a writer.

I want to share with you today how this site you are reading came about. If you have not read all of this series please start with part one to understand the entire story.

I have read a lot about being prepared to survive long term over many years of seeking to learn more about all the ways to do that. Since I am a talker not a writer I have never shared a lot with others via the internet. I got very involved with the sharing of information over the internet in February of 2009. The one thing that has always stuck out in my mind over the years is how many times people have tried to join together over the air via radio. It seems to me that no one ever really tried hard enough or for long enough to get people coming to one place to have a reliable form of communication if all of the grid supported forms were not working. The other thing that stuck in my mind is there were just so many different places that people gathered on the internet and shared information that we needed one place to all come and talk.

I talked to a close friend that is like minded and also a ham about this back in the last part of February 2009. I explained what my goal was and the reply that I remember was that is a lofty goal my friend, now let’s see if you can make it happen. Over a period of several months we again talked about it many times and some ideas were born from those talks. Around that time another friend got interested in this idea and we proceeded. As we spread the word a few more people got interested and we moved forward in creating what you see now. If it were not for several people putting in a lot of effort this would have never become what it is today.

The main focus that I have put in here is getting people from every place there is on the internet to come join us here in a joint effort to spread the word of what being a prepper is. I saw it this way, the word prepper is much more likely to attract new people into this by means of it being a much more kind and gentle way of describing what we are. Many people throughout this entire community have other words they use to describe themselves but when it comes right down to it we can all agree that preparing for whatever is the main ingredient to what we all do.

My focus from the very beginning was to see this some day become a word used world wide to attract new people to the idea of being more prepared. Like my friend told me in the beginning. “That is a Lofty Goal My Friend”. Well we have to start someplace if we ever have the hope of reaching a goal so large. We can do a lot of good if we all dedicate a little of our time to helping to spread the word to others in every way we can.

Ham radio to me was just the most logical place for me to be able to share some of the things that I have learned thru the years that may help others. I am not suggesting to you to give a list of what you have or everything you do. If you are concerned about security by coming and talking with us I do understand that and would suggest that you still can come and join us without telling the world what you have. I personally do not have a fear of sharing what I know with others and it is possible that this may come back to bite me some day in the future but I just do not see it being a real concern.

Being a talker and not a writer is why I chose to use ham radio as the instrument of choice for me to help spread the word. I see ham radio as the tool for me to best help the community as a whole. I truly want to see us grow to the point where if we ever loss grid supported form’s of communication we will all be able to keep in touch via the radio. Now is, ham radio the only way this can be done, of course not but it is certainly the most reliable means and the way to cover great distances easily. I do realize that ham radio is not in the cards for some and I fully understand that. It is a rather expensive undertaking if you have no gear to start with. I would recommend that if you have the equipment and the license that you join us now as it will be very hard to do it during an emergency under stressful conditions. I would go on to recommend that if you have the means and the interest you should begin the journey down the road of communications without further delay. Now is the time to get with it and practice your skills and waiting until the need is there will surly make for some very difficult times for you.

The human desire to communicate is one we should all explore a little more. If you like to go to forum boards and or chat rooms then I encourage you to think what it would be like if they stopped without notice today. Would you know where to go to find the information you are accustomed to enjoying now. I see it this way, we all have a need to communicate with each other, it is just part of our nature. This is the reason that I see a great need for this site and the nets we run. With joining in and participating now you will know where and when like minded people will be on the radio and your skills and equipment will be up and working. Why? Because you will have been using this means of communication all along and not waiting until it is the only thing capable of working.

I will share more of some of the plans we are working on and the goals we have in coming days but in the mean time I hope this has helped some understand a little more for now.
73 all
Dave aka Santa

Also please visit this new site www.imaprepper.org 

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Life’s Lessons Part 2

Life’s Lessons Part 2

Being a student of the school of life lessons and hard knocks

Know on with the next part of this story. Having attended this school of life lessons and hard knocks for most of my life, I can only say that if I talk about something it is because I have either paid attention to someone who has done it and learned from them, or I have done it myself and learned from that experience. Much of what I have learned over the years has not a thing to do with prepping as most would think. I have certainly taken my fair share of hard knocks along the way and maybe a few others shares as well. I have come away from every experience with a little more knowledge and if nothing else I have learned that some of those things may not be a good thing to do.

I am no different than anyone else reading this in the fact I have done things that were not the smartest thing to do, and I don’t even mind admitting to doing more then my fair share of stupid things. I see this as preparing in the sense that you are better prepared to avoid the things that you have taken a hard knock from and the next time you just may have the sense to avoid that situation altogether.

Moving on to what I feel is the most important thing in life having learned most of what I know thru this type of school. The sharing of information is the most important thing we can do. I am not the only student that attends this school and as far as I know there has never been a graduate from this school. The way that I see it is if we all share what we know with others there will never be a lack of knowledge that can be learned. If we all share the knowledge we have there will always be someone out there that is willing to learn from our mistakes and successes. We must just all be willing to share what we know with others.

I have already mentioned the fact that I am not a writer but I am a talker and that is why this page you are reading was created in the first place. I truly believe it is of the utmost importance to have a form of communication we can depend on nearly 100%. I see it as a very real possibility at any given time for any or all of us to be without grid supported forms of communications.

In the next part of this series I will get into what and how we all could and should be doing to make sure we can all communicate with others in the event grid communications are gone.


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Sunday, November 15, 2009

There were lotsa good words tonite on the APRN 160m net!!!

Tonites APRN 160m net topic was Morse Code. When it comes down to it, as Preppers, we need to know CW as it has a lot of low power capabilities to cut through the QRM and other forms of interference. We heard from several operators that have experience in CW and a ton of good ideas for learning CW were passed around.
Tonites Check ins:
N8SFO Phil, WV; New Check in THANKS!!!!
W4DMH Dave, WV
KC8ODH John, OH; New Check in THANKS!!!!
NW8I Del, OH
AC0BG Dean, IA
WA2SQQ Bob, NJ New Check in THANKS!!!!!
We also want to thank W8LMG, KD8IZZ, N8KUK and Phil,N8SFO for moving to allow us to use the frequency to run the net. THANKS GUYS!!!!!!
So once again, we want everybody that checked in to have a safe week and we hope to see you again next week, same time, same frequency!!!!

Some interesting links from tonites net...
AC6V, this site is loaded with resources!!!

The APRN 160m net Is at a loss for words!!!!!!

Tonite, K7DLB Net Control of the 160m Net for the APRN has decided that Morse Code will be the topic. NO the net will NOT be in code, but we just want to know more about who knows code and can use it proficiently. K7DLB is a dyslexic nightmare of an operator and code is not in his operating resume. Yet. So, if you know CW and can help out those that don't know CW methods of learning Code, please join in and help out!!! Please tune in at 0200UTC (9PM) eastern on 1.860!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life's Lessons

Good morning everyone.

I would like to take some time and re-introduce myself to everyone reading here. Then I will get in to some goals that I have and want to share with you today.

First off my Ham radio call sign is W4DMH and my name is David M Hill Sr. I am located in Hampshire County West Virginia. I operate a very small excavating company here with the help of my son. I was born and raised just 3 miles outside of Washington D.C. While young I spent a lot of time going to southern Maryland and enjoying time on the Chesapeake Bay and the Eastern shore of Maryland. I also spent time every summer on my Grand parent’s small farm in upstate New York. As a young man starting a family I landed in southern Maryland first but as the city grew I began my quest for a more rural life. I started my journey in the state of Virginia by moving first to Fauquier County and then on to Loudoun County. I continued my journey by moving North West until landing where I am now in the beautiful Mountain state of West Virginia.

I have been a Heavy Equipment operator for most of my life but have also dabbled in many other fields as well over the years. I have also had a license to drive big trucks most of my adult life. I now have my own heavy equipment and am much like every one else in trying to weather this economic crisis we are currently in. I am a hand’s on type of person and always have been. I enjoy building things myself and have spent a lot of time searching for knowledge on just how things work that we use everyday. I have always done my own repairs on everything in the home and have done my own mechanical work all of my life.

I have spent most of my life hanging around with people much older then myself because I always enjoyed listening and learning from there life experiences. I am a people person and can sit and chat with someone on just about any subject they want to talk about. I have been a firm believer in the rule that the only stupid question is the one that never gets asked. Over the years I have often thought that people must get sick of answering all of my questions. Now that my hair and beard have turned gray and almost white I now realize why the people that I asked questions of all my life never got frustrated with me. You see what I have learned over the last few years is that as we grow older and mature we find a need to share what we have learned over the years with others that are willing to listen.

I am not a college educated person with degrees but I have had a quest for knowledge all of my life. I like to refer to myself as a student even today and not a graduate of any kind. You see I have been going to school in a way all of my life and everyday I still try my best to learn something new. I have heard many people say that they are a graduate of the school of hard knocks but I like to consider myself a student of the school of life lessons and hard knocks. I do not believe my quest for more knowledge will ever stop but I do know that my desire to share the knowledge that I have, has grown in the last year. I am not to be considered an expert on anything at all, but I am more then happy to share with anyone willing to listen to the things that I do know about.

I should warn you that in School my worst two subjects were English and spelling so please bear with me as writing is most definitely not easy for me. If it was not for spell check you may not even be able to read this at all. You see I am a talker not a writer and trust me when I tell you that keyboards and me do not get along at all. This will bring me to why I am writing this piece to share with you all.

Only thru communicating can we help others throughout the world.
Life is too precious and fragile to not share.

This is our family's newest addition and is the first great grand baby. Lillian Marie and she was born at just 22 weeks but you would never know it today. This is the first time that my son and I have taken care of her with no one home but us. Now you see why I say that life is to precious and fragile to not share.

Part 2 coming Monday
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tonite KD8JPQ is the Boss of the APRN 80m net

Tonite, Jeff KD8JPQ grabs the oars and he will row the APRN 80m net out into the murky sea of the 80 meter band. So, please check in and see what he has up his sleeve for tonite's topic!!!!! Remember, we will start out on 3.961LSB at 0200UTC, 9pm eastern, but sometimes it gets a bit rough and we have to move around a bit. But, that is part of the fun!!!!! Hope to hear ya there!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today is Veterans Day.

Please take a couple of minutes and remember our Veterans. They gave so much to defend the Freedom that we all enjoy. Today, if you know a Vet, take him or her out to supper or out for a coffee. Be sure at least to thank them for their service. If you see a soldier out at the mall or the diner, buy their dinner, and say THANKS!!!! These folks deserve our utmost respect!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A well Grounded net for sure!!!!!

Tonites 160m APRN net was really interesting. We discussed how we ground our stations and passed some ideas and opinions along. The subject of grounding is about like antennas, everybody does it different, but the result is the same. Actually, tonite we found that we do about the same thing and it works!!! It is K.I.S.S. simple but effective.
Tonites check ins were
K7DLB Net Control
W4DMH Dave, WV
AC0BG Dean, IA

KB3CXQ Shaun, WV

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The 160 Meter APRN net will be well grounded.

Sunday night the APRN net will be discussing grounding. We will try to discuss just how do we do it???? There are dozens of methods of grounding and let's talk about what works!!!
So please tune in and participate!!!!!
K7DLB will be lighting the fires at 9pm Eastern(0200UTC)on 1.860LSB, so tune in!!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fort Hood Texas

As most know by now, there was a mass shooting at Fort Hood Texas Thursday afternoon. We will not get into the opinions or details here. But, please, everyone that reads this, offer up a moment of silence and lift up the victims and their families in Prayer.
These fine folks have put their lives on the line in defense of our Freedom and to have something happen like this is just not right......


The APRN 80 Meter Net was all abuzz!!!!!

That's right, Del NW8I Net control for the APRN 80m net had some sort of line noise that just wiped out his receive. So, Dean AC0BG jumped in and did some great work to salvage the evening. Great job guys and once again that just goes to show how 2 Hams working together can get the job done!!!!!
Tonites check ins were:
Del NW8I, OH
Dean AC0BG, IA
W2IF Scott KY


Thanks to all that checked in and a BIG THANKS to Dean for stepping in!!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The APRN Thursday 80m Net

Starring Del, NW8I lifts off at 0200UTC (9pmEastern)on 3.961 or close to it depending on band conditions.
Tonites topic will be "The modern resurgence of spark gap transmitters".........
Well, not really. But, tune in to find out what Del has up his sleeve for us as he fires up his rig and dims the lights in the neighborhood to guide the APRN through another fun and informative net. Please tune in and participate!!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The APRN 160m net was an ICOM net!!!!!!!

The discussion tonite was "What radio and equipment are you running?" Most of our participants tonite were running Icom equipment and a variety of antennas. Most were equipped to be able to hook to emergency power if needed and that is good. Anderson PowerPoles came up again and some more information was put out about them. The discussion was lively and we welcomed Mat W2AOJ from NJ to the list of Checkins!!!!
Tonites list included:
K7DLB Dave, MD, Net Control
KB3SJQ Ben, PA a new Checkin. THANKS Ben!!!!
W2AOJ Mat, NJ a new Checkin. THANKS Mat!!!!!
NW8I Del, OH
AC0BG Dean, IA

Once again THANKS!! To all that participated tonite and have a safe week and we'll catch you right back here next Sunday, Same time, Same Frequency!!!!

Tonite's 160m net wants to know.............

Well, you're just going to have to tune in and find out!!!!!!! Nothing like a little SUSPENSE on this day after Halloween.....So, everybody, quit raiding the bags of candy and tune in to 1.860LSB and find out what K7DLB has in store for tonites net.(We promise he won't say BOO and we're trying to get him to keep his mask ON 'cuz it is an improvement....) So, please check out the APRN 160m net tonite at 0200 UTC (9pm EST).

Saturday, October 31, 2009

DON'T FORGET!!!! Turn them clocks back!!!!

That's right!!!It's that time of year again and tonite we turn our clocks back to standard time.
You don't wanna be late for the 160m net tomorrow now do ya???????
Also, now is the time to replace the smoke alarm batteries as well. With my wife's cooking, our smoke alarms get a good workout, but I check them out anyways!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The APRN 80 Meter Net made the CONNECTION!!!!

Thursday night the APRN 80 meter net was plugged in by Del,NW8I and the discussion was lively and interesting!!! The topic was Anderson Power Pole connectors and their many uses and styles. These little connectors have made life alot easier for many Hams as the discussion proved out!!!!
Here is the check in list:

KM4DA-Willie-Lake Forest NC- new checkin




W1LCR-Frank-Goshen, CT new checkin


K0nwt-Newt-Decator,GA new checkin and QRP. Newt had about a 5/5 to 5/6 sig
with 5 watts! Newt is the APRN 1st QRP checkin!!!! Great job Newt and we hope to hear you again soon!!!!!

Many THANKS!! to all the participated in the Net and please be sure to check in every Thursday!!! Remember, the APRN is always looking to put up new nets on different bands and modes, so, please stay tuned!!!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The APRN 80 Meter Net is CONNECTED!!!!

Tonite at 0100 UTC (9pm Eastern),Del, NW8I will bring the APRN 80 meter net to life on 3.961LSB or somewhere close. The topic tonite will be a discussion about Anderson PowerPole connectors. So if you have any hints suggestions, thoughts, gripes or comparisons please join in the discussion!!!! We hope to hear you there!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The American Preppers Radio Net Mission Statement

The American Preppers Radio Net Mission Statement

Our goal is to use this net to teach people to learn to become more self reliant and less dependent on outside help. We also will focus our efforts on Fellowship among any and all Ham Radio Operators new or old, as well as preppers, which would like to join us. We also want to focus on trying to establish a network of Ham’s everywhere, to aid and assist with communications of like minded people, should any or all of the grid supported communications be down.

What we do not want to happen is for this to become a stuffed shirt unfriendly net like so many. Our whole purpose for creating this net is to help people, to Teach people, and to provide communication assistance. We also welcome people to both the world of Ham radio and of how to become more Prepared in the truest sense of the word. Political debate or discussion will not be welcome, religious debate and discussions should be avoided. Radical view points on any topic will not be welcome. There are plenty of places for that besides the Ham Radio in our opinion.

If you do not have a problem with this than we welcome you, and will help you and encourage you to be a part of this net, in any capacity which you want to participate. We are looking for people to take net control responsibilities, help with relay during the net, or anything else you feel you want to help with. We are open to any suggestions you may have, and we also encourage you to help with test that we may conduct on different bands as well.

We are new and we do want for this to become a place of fellowship and goodwill in the Ham and prepper communities. The concept of this net came about as our net was born on Thursday July 16 2009 and our web page was created on Thursday July 23 2009, just so you know how new this all is.

September 01 2009 we have added a forum board to help with support of the net. This is the place where everyone can come and join us rather they are Ham radio operators or not. As stated above we want all like minded people to join us and learn what they can do to have communications ability without grid support.

If you are still interested in helping please let us know and we will forward a copy of the Net's Preamble to you for you to look over. Please use the Santa's Mailbag button on the right side of the page to email use.

Monday, October 26, 2009


We now have our own APRN store up and running!! There are a variety of images and items available and more are being added!!!!
If you are interested in a particular item, click on that item and you will see a box that says "customize it". There you can choose different background colors and font designs to suite your tastes. So, go on in the store and choose from many items and logo designs and have some fun!!!!!
Also, we are offering custom Call Sign, CB Handle or name mousepads set in the design similar to the APRN Eagle logo. You will see how it will look with an example in the store using Dave's W4DMH call sign. A great gift idea for the Holidays or Birthday!!!!! There is a 3-7 character limit.
So, click on the store logo on the right sidebar and support the APRN and get a kool item as well!!!!! If you need any help, email me at d.beaver@myactv.net.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The APRN 160m Net rides again!!!!

Tonite Jeff KD8JPQ Took the reigns of the APRN 160 meter net and drove it like a pro!!! He had 5 check ins and they talked about a variety of subjects. Once again the APRN and K7DLB thanks Jeff for stepping in and doing a fine job!!!!!
Tonites Check ins:

N8TAH Kevin,OH

Very cool antenna launcher

There is a link up to Steve's web site on the left sidebar

Saturday, October 24, 2009

SUNDAY!!! SUNDAY!!!! The APRN 160m Net is set!!!

Once again this Sunday the APRN 160 net is prepared for take off on 1.860LSB at 0100UTC (9pm eastern).
This week Jeff, KD8JPQ is running the show and the topic will be "What were your WORST prep ideas?". Now that outta be interesting!!!! Remember, we've all bumped into a wall where we thought there was a door now and then, so let's all be honest and fess up!!!!!
We hope to hear you on Sunday night!!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Somehow things got crossed up and Del,NW8I, a regular here on the APRN salvaged the Thursday Night APRN 80 Meter Net. THANKS DEL!!!!!
He reports a short net but The discussion centered around Webbots, Amp Repair and Antennas.
Besides Del, there was Walt, WA1HHN, and Dean AC0BG checking in.
We are working on getting some bugs worked out of the net schedules so PLEASE stay tuned for more information!!!!!


Today is the APRN's 3rd(month) birthday!!!!! This project was started July 23rd 2009. Geez, it seems like yesterday.......
Well after 12,000 hits and some growing pains the future looks bright here. There is alot planned for the APRN and things may seem a bit slow now, but WATCH OUT!!!! Stay tuned.
Thanks to all that support the APRN by running one of our nets, giving us ideas and checking into our nets on a regular basis. WE APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is one of the better videos on Backpacking Ham Radio!!!

These Hams did a really good job of documenting their trip. Take a look!!!!!

Rats... The Band was short tonite!!!!!

The American Preppers Radio Net 160 Meter net was fighting noise and just generally bad conditions tonite. We had a short talk about what we do to keep mice out of our preps as this is the time of year that they start to come inside. This weeks check ins were

N8BIT Dave, MI
VE3BY Carl Ontario, Canada. Carl,you didn't get on the map. Google put you over in the Horn of Africa!!! THANKS for checking in!!!
Next week, K7DLB will be taking a break, so Jeff KD8JPQ will be minding the store. So, lets all give him writers cramp and check into the net!!!!!!
Have a Safe week!!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

To everyone,

Yes even the SWL (please leave email here if you do copy us on 40m)

Not much notice but lets try a quickie informal SSB voice net this afternoon on 40 meters.

TIME - 3 PM Eastern
FREQ - 7.198 LSB
alt1 - 7.195 LSB
alt2 - 7.201 LSB
alt3 - 7.180 LSB

I have been thinking we might get better coverage by trying "daytime" on 40m vs the evening or 'grey line' propagation.
I will run Net Logger. Hope you can join in.

Larry kb0emb

Through rain, snow and the dark of night.....The 160m net takes off Sunday Night!!!!

Yup, time flies when your havin fun and K7DLB is once again preparing for the APRN 160m net on Sunday night at 0100 UTC (9pm Eastern). This weeks topic will be dangers to your preps. We will talk about Rats, Mice, bugs and other things that can ruin your day if they get into your food storage.
So, come one, come all and join in the discussion on 1.860 LSB!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Night APRN net

The American Preppers Radio Net takes to the air tonight at 2359Z (UTC)
Lee K4USS has informed us that the net tonight will be on the 80 meter band at 3.961 for the first part of the net. Lee has been very busy installing new antennas for the 40 meter band and will move the net to the 40 meter band immediately after closing the 80 meter net.  The 40 meter move will go to 7.198 as soon as we wrap up the 80 meter net.

A lot of people liked the 40 meter net but it has been very unkind to us recently so with a little luck and some people to make the move just maybe we can get that band to work for us again. Everyone that can do 40 meter please come join the net tonight and help us out with this test run to see if all the antenna work Lee has done pays off.

The topic for tonight will be How to Survive an Economic Meltdown.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Short List!!!! GREAT Conversation!!!!!!!

The APRN 160 meter net went off as scheduled tonite and the check in list was short but we were long on the conversation!!!! We had an open mike night with a topic kicker about water pumps. Here is a website with a TON of info that EVERYBODY should check out!!!! http://www.backwoodssolar.com/.
Tonites check in list:

W4DMH Dave, WV
NW8I Del, OH
AC0BG Dean, IA
KD8JPQ Jeff, OH.
K7DLB Dave, MD Net Control.
So, thanks to all that participated and we hope you have a safe week and we'll catch ya next week, same time, same frequency!!!!

PS. K7DLB will need a substitute Net Control operator for the 160m net Sunday Oct 25. Please click the Email button and let us know if you can help!!! It's not hard. Heck, if K7DLB can do it......ANYBODY CAN!!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

WOW!!!! It's almost that time again!!!!

Yup, here it is the weekend again and K7DLB is outside staring at his 160 meter wire making sure it is ready for another go at the APRN 160 meter net at 0100 UTC(9pm)eastern) on Sunday night. His neighbors think he is a bit nuts because his yard looks like a landing zone for UFO's with all of the antennas out there!!!!
The topic will be an open mic format with a short(or long) continuation of last weeks water storage topic.
So, come one come all and join in the discussion!!! Bring your thinking caps and comments and questions.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday night 10-08-09 on 80 meter

The Thursday night net was another fine one. The net started on the alternate frequency of 3.983 but soon moved back to it's home of 3.961. It seems there is a group of hams that have recently moved from another frequency to 3.960 so just before the net started we moved to the alt. frequency.

Well shortly into the net 3.983 became the place everyone wanted to be..... Welcome to the wonderful 80 meter band. AC0BG looked for another freq. and we soon moved back to what seems to be our home.3.961

After the move the signals were much better at first but soon begain to go up and down.

All in All we had a great net tonight....The first topic was actually the announcement of plans that are still in the infant stages of developing......The APRN has been looking into doing a DXpedition to Cape Brenton Island in Canada.... More on this later as plans develop......

Next we did a open mic round tonight like last week as everyone really seemed to like that..........

In the end as always the dedicated members that make up the APRN stuck to there guns (or mics) and managed to get in several rounds of comments before the net was closed and the freq. returned to regular amateur use.

W4DMH...... Dave.......WV.......Net Control


WA1HHN ......Walt.......MA

KD8HDP...... Justin.......MI

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