Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tonite Del, NW8I takes the controls of the APRN 160 Meter Net!!!!

Ok gang....Tonite Del, NW8I will be substituting for K7DLB as Net Control of the 160m net. We don't want you guys treating him like the substitute teacher that you mistreated in High School!!! There will be no throwing of pencils, shooting spitballs or snoring allowed!!!!! Actually Del will be taking the Net for the Month of December. So lets make sure he gets a good case of writers cramp!!!!
Del's topic will be "What is your favorite reading material concerning Prepping?" Fiction, Non fiction, Author ETC.
So join in the discussion at 0200UTC(9pm) Eastern on 1.860LSB. Maybe some more of our friends out in the great midwest can join in as Del is located in Ohio.
Thanks Del for stepping in!!!!!

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