Thursday, March 18, 2010

Join us for the last APRN 80m net for this winter!!!!!

Well all of the snow is melted around here and Spring will Spring this Saturday at 7:04AM so its time to get out the mower and rakes to prepare for another wonderful season of YARD WORK!!!! YUK......
But first, check in to the APRN 80m net led by John, KD8DWD for a round of discussion on just about anything. The "open forum" is working well for the 80m net so join in with your prepping questions, thoughts or ideas at 9pm Eastern(0100UTC) on 3.962LSB.

Also, K7DLB will need a stand in net control for Sunday nights APRN 160M net. Please let him know if you can take the net for an evening!!!!
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