Saturday, October 17, 2009

To everyone,

Yes even the SWL (please leave email here if you do copy us on 40m)

Not much notice but lets try a quickie informal SSB voice net this afternoon on 40 meters.

TIME - 3 PM Eastern
FREQ - 7.198 LSB
alt1 - 7.195 LSB
alt2 - 7.201 LSB
alt3 - 7.180 LSB

I have been thinking we might get better coverage by trying "daytime" on 40m vs the evening or 'grey line' propagation.
I will run Net Logger. Hope you can join in.

Larry kb0emb

Through rain, snow and the dark of night.....The 160m net takes off Sunday Night!!!!

Yup, time flies when your havin fun and K7DLB is once again preparing for the APRN 160m net on Sunday night at 0100 UTC (9pm Eastern). This weeks topic will be dangers to your preps. We will talk about Rats, Mice, bugs and other things that can ruin your day if they get into your food storage.
So, come one, come all and join in the discussion on 1.860 LSB!!!!!
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