Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ham Radio 101

I would like to share with our readers today that are either new to ham radio or that are not ham radio operators yet. If you are a prepper and do not plan to become a ham but listen to short wave this may help you as well.

CQ or as it is normally used CQ CQ CQ Normally next you will hear the operator say what band they are on such as 10 meter or 20 meter etc. then followed by there call sign then more often than not CQ CQ then QRZ

CQ - means I wish to contact any amateur station

QRZ - Means Who is calling me and spoken Q R ZED

Now lets cover some more of the common slang you may hear and not understand.

73 or 73's - This stand's for best wishes or best regards

88 or 88's - Hugs and Kisses

Now let me warn you there is a never ending quarrel over having the 's after the number. Well that will continue forever so I do not pay much attention to that.

XYL - Wife

YL - Young Lady (any women that is not married or commonly a girlfriend)

OM - Old Man (A common term like calling another operator a friend)

OT - Old Timer or someone that has been a Ham for a long time

LID - Used to describe a poor operator (using bad habits or being annoying)

HI HI - Laughing (like LOL on a computer)

Ticket - Your Ham license

Machine - A repeater

Rig - Your radio

DX - Long distance normally referred to as communication with a different country

QRM - Interference

QSB - Signals are fading

QSL - Used like saying that you understand what was said or you copy what was said

QSY - Changing frequency

QTH - Where you are located (My QTH is ________ county West Virginia)

This is just a small list but they are some of the most common. If you are a prepper and or new to ham radio please come back often for more info on ham radio and being prepared.

Stay tuned more to come soon

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