Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ham Radio = Preppers?

It's a little like Rum & Coke, Coffee & Donuts, Fred Astair & Ginger Rodgers... Ham Radio & Preppers seem to go together very well.

The concept behind Prepper(ism), of being self-sufficient, independent, and prepared to function with, or without outside support, is a definition that neatly applies to aspects found in Amateur Radio.

Prime example...the recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina. With vast regions of the Gulf Coast losing it's normal communication infrastructure, Ham Radio operators sprang to action, filling the gap, providing vital communications. And they did it with their own radios, antennas, generators, time & talent. They did it because THEY CAN.

"Prepperism" is a concept with many applications, but it boils down to a tinkerers philosophy... freedom is sustained when you can build it, grow it or fix it yourself, and the ranks of Amateur Radio is FILLED with those who take that concept to heart.

Scratch a Ham Operator and you'll find a 'Prepper inside.
'73 KI4HEE
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