Monday, November 30, 2009

APRN 40 Meter net returns Tuesday December 1st

Please Welcome KD8JPQ Jeff as he takes the rains of the 40 meter APRN net this Tuesday night on 7.198 at 5pm Eastern.

I hope everyone will come join the fun with Jeff as the 40 meter net makes it's return to the Air. We have received many emails over the last 2 months asking when we were going to bring back the 40 meter net. It seems that there are a lot of people that can do 40 meter but not 80 and 160 meter. It has taken some time to get this worked out but we have got a plan and truly hope that more people will now be able to get on the net. Make plans now to come join and do bring a friend if you can, all are welcome here for the return to 40 meters.

The topic for Tuesday will be "REACHING OUT" so everyone please try to reach out and spread the word to others for the return of this very popular net.

Ham Radio 101 Q Codes

Here is a list of the most commonly used Q codes. This can be a little confusing for someone just learning so if you have questions please visit our radio forum board and feel free to ask. There are a good group of people willing to help you learn if you just ask. Please click on the link on the left side of the page for the forum board.

QRG- Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of _____)?
Your exact frequency (or that of _____) is ______ kHz.

QRH- Does my frequency vary?
Your frequency varies.

QRI- How is the tone of my transmission?
The tone of your transmission is ____ (1. Good; 2. Variable; 4. Bad).

QRJ- Are you receiving me badly?
I cannot receive you. Your signals are too weak.

QRK- What is the intelligibility of my signals (or those of____)?
The intelligibility of your signals (or those of _____) is (1. Bad 2. Poor
3. Fair; 4. Good; 5. Excellent).

QRL- Are you busy?
I am busy (or I am busy with _______). Please do not interfere.

QRM- Is my transmission being interfered with?
Your transmission is being interfered with ______ (1. Nil; 2. Slightly;
3. Moderately; 4. Severely; 5. Extremely.)

QRN- Are you troubled by static?
I am troubled by static _____ (1-5 as under QRM).

QRO- Shall I increase power?
Increase power.

QRP- Shall I decrease power?
Decrease power.

QRQ- Shall I send faster?
Send faster (____WPM).

QRS- Shall I send more slowly?
Send more slowly (____WPM).

QRT- Shall I stop sending?
Stop sending.

QRU- Have you anything for me?
I have nothing for you.

QRV- Are you ready?
I am ready.

QRW- Shall I inform ____ that u are calling on ____ kHz?
Please inform ____ that I am calling on ____ kHz.

QRX- When will you call me again?
I will call you again at ___ hours (on ___ kHz).

QRY- What is my turn?
Your turn is numbered ___

QRZ- Who is calling me?
You are being called by ___ (on ___ kHz).

QSA- What is the strength of my signals (or those of ____)?
The strength of your signals (or those of ____) is ____(1. Scarcely
perceptible; 2. Weak; 3. Fairly good; 4. Good; 5. Very good).

QSB- Are my signals fading?
Your signals are fading.

QSD- Is my keying defective?
Your keying is defective.

QSG- Shall I send ____ messages at a time?
Send _____messages at a time

QSK- Can you hear me between your signals and if so can I break in on
your transmission?
I can hear you between my transmissions; break in
on my transmission.

QSL- Can you acknowledge receipt?
I am acknowledging receipt.

QSM- Shall I repeat the last message I sent or some previous message?
Repeat the last message or message number____ you sent

QSN- Did you hear me or ____ on ____KHZ?
I heard you or _____ on ____KHZ.

QSO- Can you communicate with ____direct or by relay?
I can communicate with ____ direct or by relay through _____

QSP- Will you relay to____?
I will relay to ______

QST- General call to all amateurs or to ARRL members

QSU- Shall I send a reply on this frequency or on ___KHZ?
Send a reply on this frequency or on____KHZ.

QSW- Will you send on this frequency or on___KHZ?
I will send on this frequency or on ___KHZ.

QSX- Will you listen to ___on___KHZ?
I am listening to ___on___KHZ.

QSY- Should I move to another frequency or to ___KHZ?
I will move to another frequency or to ___KHZ.

QSZ- Shall I send each word or group twice or ___ times?
Send each word or group twice or ___ times.

QTA- Shall I cancel message number___?
Cancel message number___?

QTB- Do you agree with my count of words?
I do not agree I will repeat the first letter or digit of each word or group.

QTC- How many messages do you have to send?
I have ____ messages to send.

QTH- What is your location?
My location is ___ .

QTR- What is the correct time?
The correct time is ____.

This list is of the Q codes used mostly for CW or Morse code but you will hear several of these used in voice communication as well On The Air. I hope this will help some of you wanting to learn more or that are just getting started in Ham radio. As I said in a earlier post for Ham Radio 101 we Hams speak a different language sometimes and trust me if you are waiting until you need ham radio to use it you will have a big learning curve ahead. Now is the time to get good with the skill of communication not when you have no choice. Practice makes perfect but do not wait to start practicing in the midst of a emergency situation.
73 all
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