Monday, December 7, 2009

Attention all you 40 meter Operators!!!

PLEASE set aside the salad and steak for a bit to check in to the APRN 40 meter net Tuesday at 5pm Eastern. Jeff, KD8JPQ is out checking his antennas and making sure everything is A-ok to bring the net to life on 7.198LSB give or take a couple of KC's. So check in and join the fun as we never know what Jeff may have up his sleeve!!!!!
Don't forget, 7.198 +or- a few, 5PM Eastern!!!!!!


Just a quick note for everyone. We have a page set up for links to useful information. If you find something you would like to share with others please email us so we can link to it. If you have not seen the page yet please click on the APRN Links on the bar at the top of the page

WOW what a net it was

The 160 meter net was actually on 1.858 instead of 1.860 mhz tonight. The group on 1.860 continued to meet at 0200z so I just QSYed to 1.858. Most everyone found us, but in the future if you don't hear us on 1.860 just look up or down a few khz, hopefully we'll be there.

The topic for discussion tonight was what is your favorite prepper books? Non-fiction and fiction.

On the Non-fiction side The encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery was popular. It covers a huge amount of information on planting, baking, cooking, farm animals and much more.

Next the Foxfire series of books was noted. This series covers all areas of old style living from Appalachia.

Also mentioned was Where There is No Doctor as well as Where There is no Dentist.

How to Survive the End of the World by James Wesley, Rawles is a good overall book on the prepper subject.

Libraries were mentioned as a source to borrow and look for books at their book sales. Another tip was to source links to the APRN Links page for additional sources of internet information.

In the fiction category:

Civil War II the Coming Breakup of America

The Patriots by James Wesley Rawles

Alas Bablyon by Pat Frank

Pulling Thru by Dean Ing

The Earth Abides by George R. Stewart

It was mentioned that the unemployment rate must be higher than the official stats because there are many people who have gone off the unemployment compensation roll that aren't counted. That is undoubtedly correct.

The check-ins for tonight were:

AC0BG Dean-Iowa
W4DMH Dave- WV

Late in the net K2IPX Bill checked in with a very nice sig from NJ. Bill is a professional meteorologist and his take on Global Warming is that it is an unproven science with a little dishonesty thrown in by the pro warming enthusiasts. He didn't volunteer that comment. As we had a professional on line I asked him what his opinion was. The reason I asked is because its hard to make a judgment on issues like Global Warming and others by listening to the Establishment media.

All in all it was another nice net tonight and I want to thank everyone who checked in. I appreciate it very much.

Del nw8i
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