Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Night APRN net

The American Preppers Radio Net takes to the air tonight at 2359Z (UTC)
Lee K4USS has informed us that the net tonight will be on the 80 meter band at 3.961 for the first part of the net. Lee has been very busy installing new antennas for the 40 meter band and will move the net to the 40 meter band immediately after closing the 80 meter net.  The 40 meter move will go to 7.198 as soon as we wrap up the 80 meter net.

A lot of people liked the 40 meter net but it has been very unkind to us recently so with a little luck and some people to make the move just maybe we can get that band to work for us again. Everyone that can do 40 meter please come join the net tonight and help us out with this test run to see if all the antenna work Lee has done pays off.

The topic for tonight will be How to Survive an Economic Meltdown.

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