Thursday, August 6, 2009

Worst 20 Meter Band Conditions To Date

With the worst band conditions on 20 meter to date we still managed to have a great net. Once again this should go to prove how effective Ham Radio is for communication.

With these horrible conditions the very first check in was Jim AB4JM/M in New Hampshire. Yes he was a mobile station, for those that do not understand what /M after a call means. It is simply put, in some type of vehicle rather it was a car, van or big truck they all are considered mobile. Maritime Mobile would be a boat and Aeronautical mobile would be a plane. Yes folks there are Ham Radio Operators that have gear on there boats and also there planes.

The wonderful world of Ham Radio. Ham Radio can be set up in Portable, Mobile, or Base station just to name a few. We Ham's also enjoy the ability to run on emergency power without being connected to grid power. This ability allows us to operate virtually any place in the world at any time.

Anyway here is the list of check ins so you all can see how, with help from other Hams even under terrible conditions we again had a wonderful net.

W4DMH Dave in WV (also known as Santa) Net Control
AB4JM/M Jim in NH
KI4HEE Bob in SC
N8NMJ Mike in MD
N1FBF Bob in CT
N5JXM Bill in TX
KD8KDN Frank in MI
KE5VOX Rene in TX
KG4FJW Kieth in AL

We thank everyone that was so patient as we all struggled to run the net in such bad conditions. Things will get better and we will still be here calling CQ CQ CQ this is ______ calling the American Preppers Radio Net. So please come back often and bring a friend. Stick around after the net because there is always someone willing to hang out and chew the fat awhile. This net is all about having fun and helping others be better preppared.
73 all W4DMH
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