Thursday, September 17, 2009

80 Meter net results for 9-17-09

Another great net tonight. They just keep getting better every week as we grow. The topic tonight was Gardening and trust me folks every one had something to add to the discussion. We had a variety ranging from a 130 acre working farm to people doing Square foot gardening due to space limitations.

We have set a new distance record for the 80 meter net tonight with a check in from Iowa to here in West Virginia. By the map it sure does look like roughly half way across the country to me. As winter approaches look for us to reach even greater distances on a regular basis.

Thank you all that take part in this net, because without you it would not be possible. The 80 meter net proves again to be a winner.
73 to all

Check in list

W4DMH ... WV ... Dave... Net Control

N8BIT/P... MI... Dave

N8TAH ... OH ... Kevin (using his roof for his antenna)

W4SQL ... SC ... Landy

KD4OWY ... AL... Nathan

AC8EM ... OH ... Mike

AI4JA ... SC... Gary

AC0BG ... IA... Dean (A distance record for the 80 meter net)

KD8HDP ... MI... Justin

There you it have as we put the wraps on another one.

80 meter net comes to life again tonight

Once again Santa will take to the air on the 80 meter net. Everyone please come join the fun and bring a friend.

The topic for tonight will be Gardening and how do you see this fitting into your long term plans.

Hope everyone gives this some thought before time for the net. See you tonight on the 80 meter net on or near 3.961 at 0100Z (UTC)
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