Sunday, February 28, 2010

The APRN 160m Net ended February on a good note!!!

Tonites APRN 160m net featured a good discussion on a variety of topics ranging from fusible links, fuel sources for lighting and the peculiarities of the 160m band. WA1HHN and K7DLB worked the CQ 160m SSB contest this weekend and learned alot about the 160m band. It was interesting to see how the band would move into different locations and also move up and down the frequency range of the band.
Tonites Check Ins:

W4DMH Dave, WV
AC0BG Dean, IA
NW8I Del, OH
KB9QDC Matt, WI. New Check in!!!!

N2ZKX Rich, NY Mobile!!!!!

K7DLB will be wore out, but the 160m net will go on!!!

K7DLB Net Control for the 160m APRN net will be worn out from typing log entries and spinning the dial on the TS-450 as a stray for the 160m contest that was happening this weekend. He reports the band was rolling from Illinois to Texas and all over the Northeast. Hopefully, the band will cooperate when he wakes up from a nap to get the Net underway at 9pm Eastern (0200UTC)on 1.860LSB. Not sure what the discussion will be yet, but we are sure it will be interesting nonetheless!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

FINALLY!!! The APRN 80m net gets a break!!!!

Thanks to John, persistence, the APRN 80m net got going last night. The band started out rough but cleaned up as the night wore along. The discussion centered around battery power and fuse protection for you equipment. Thanks to all that checked in!!!!!
w4dmh Dave, WV
ab0bg Dean,IA
nw8i Del,OH
wa1hhn Walt,MA
kj4pzz Bill VA new
kj4pta John SC new
km4da NC Bill
ki4lwa Howard VA new
We hope this net will become a regular feature here at the APRN. Thanks to John,  for sticking with it and getting it off the ground. See you all next week!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The APRN 80 meter net is wired up!!!!!

Thursday nite, John, will take the reins of the APRN 80m net. He has slogged through the snow and repaired the damage done to his wire antenna. So lets make his efforts pay off and join in on Thursday night at 9pm Eastern(0200UTC)on 3.962LSB or thereabouts. The topic will be open and we hope that the weather cooperates. So bring your ideas and thoughts and CHECK IN!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The APRN 160 meter net was all charged up!!!!!!

Tonite,the APRN 160 meter net set a a couple of milestones. We had our first /AG check in. We also had our first mobile check as well. KD8KWE/AG checked in for one of his first HF QSO's. N2ZKX mobile checked in as our very first mobile 160m checkin!!!! Welcome to both and we hope to hear from you again!!!!
Also, NW8I and K7DLB switched to battery power for the 2nd half of the net. It was surprising to see that cutting the output power of the rigs to 30-45 watts did little to change the signal of both stations. K7DLB had a meter in line and here are the results.
13.07v to start. The rig pulled 1.25 amps on standby
While keyed and modulating, the average was 12.45 volts, with the rig drawing an average of 5 amps.
K7DLB did a couple of long winded reports just to see what the batteries would do and they held up just fine.
At the close of the net the batteries recovered to 12.52v and 1.5 hours later they are holding 12.90v.
The total AH used was 1.233AH.
The batteries used in K7DLB's setup are 4 6v 12ah sealed batteries from a emergency lighting setup. They are wired in a series parallel array and are in a nice compact wooded box that weighs about 15 lbs or so. Keep in mind, in an emergency situation, most radio contacts will be very short and to the point. What K7DLB will do next is to get into a contesting situation and use the pack for most of the day to see how it does.
NW8I has his setup performing very good as well. His signal did not change much at all and his 12v battery setup seemed to stand up to his TS-430s just fine.
That is the purpose of these nets. We need to test out our setups BEFORE they are needed. That will give us piece of mind that we can at least communicate in case of any situation that would shut down "normal" methods.
Tonites check ins
W2AOJ Matt, NJ
NW8I Del, OH
N8NMJ Mike, MD
N2ZKX/mobile Rich, NY

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The 160m APRN net is gonna try out battery power.

Inspired by Del, NW8I, K7DLB finished up building a small battery pack and he will try it out on Sunday nights' 160m APRN net. Word has it that Del will try out battery power as well. The net takes off Sunday at 9pm (0200UTC) on 1.860.
The net will start out at 100 watts for the check in portion of the net and then the switch will be made in the discussion portion of the net. Output power will be reduced and a meter will be used that will track the condition of the battery as time goes on. Please join in the discussion and see how 4, 6v 12ah batteries set up in a parallel/series configuration do for an emergency power setup!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The APRN 80m and 160m Nets

Thursday nite was still suffering antenna issues so NW8I jumped in as alternate net control. The discussion varied dealing with emergency power and HF power amps being talked about. The check ins were:
AC0BG, Dean IA
NW8I Del Ohio THANKS DEL!!!!
N9MZF, Mike IN

As far as the 160m net goes, Sunday is Valentines Day. Lets take the evening off and spend it with the Wife, Girlfriend or your special Valentine. The radio takes a bunch of time away from family and friends, especially if your significant other hasn't grasped the concept yet!!!!!HiHi!!!!
So the APRN Nets will return next week Feb 18, for the 80m net, and Feb 21 for the 160m net. Stay tuned for updates!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If we get any more snow..........The APRN 80m net!!!!

Thursday night, is going to try out his slinky antenna and get the APRN 80m net on the air. His main wire is still down and is now under about 4 ft of snow!!!! We got smashed again Tuesday and today!!!!! Add in the winds and we have quite the mess!!!
So, tune in at 9pm, (0200UTC) on 3.962LSB and see what  has in store!!!!

Also, K7DLB will need a fill in Net Control Op to fill in for Sunday nights 160m net. He is going to have to work for sure!!!!! The storms have put a real kink in FedEx Grounds operations. So Email Dave, K7DLB and let him know if you can take over!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A full house on the APRN 160m net!!!!

In spite of the Super Bowl, we had a good list of participants for the APRN 160 meter net tonite!!! We really had no topic but each operator was asked what they would like to deal with in the coming months. There were several good suggestions as well as the need for a review of the topics we have covered in the past.
K7DLB had the net tonite as suffered a broken wire antenna because of the extreme weather over the weekend.
We here at the APRN hope that everybody under the gun of this latest winter blast stayed safe and well. Just think, 6 more weeks of winter!!!!!
Tonites check in list:
W2AOJ Matt, NJ
AC0BG Dean, IA
NW8I Del, OH
W1AYC Maurice, MA
W1HHN Walt, MA
N8BIT Dave, MI
Thanks for checking in and everybody have a SAFE week!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

ANOTHER Snowbound 160m net!!!!!!

Sunday night Feb 7th, will take the reins of the APRN 160m net as there is a good possibility that K7DLB will have to work. We had 25+ inches of snow over here and if the roads are clear good old FedEx Ground is going to try to get some trailers moved into the terminals. HA!!!!!!
The topic will be the same as the 80m net from Thursday night. Medical and first aid supplies. So join in the discussion. Indianapolis is gonna win the Super Bowl so you can join in the fun on 1.860LSB at 9pm Eastern (0200UTC).

Also, last Thursday night,  tried another shot at the APRN Net and the noise level was brutal!!! NW8I Del was heard running the net and we really appreciate that!!! THANKS Del!! It was suggested to move the net to 3.962 and give it a try there. So, stay tuned for next weeks net announcement!!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The APRN 80 meter net is all Doctored up!!!!

Tonites topic for the 80 meter APRN net will be Medical supplies and their availability and storage.  will take the controls tonite and direct the discussion to get folks to thinking about their medical needs and preps. So, join in the discussion at 9pm Eastern (0200UTC) on 3.961LSB or thereabouts. It may be another rough night signal wise as we have ANOTHER major winter storm on the way for the East Coast. But  is a persistent operator and he will give it his best shot.

A little note from the APRN.
The topics and discussions here one our nets are by no ways gospel. The idea is to get people to thinking about things related to Prepping and Preparedness. We have had some excellent discussions here and some different perspectives and thoughts have been offered. The idea is to help each other to get prepared and if there are any questions, thoughts or information that you may have found pertaining to past topic PLEASE bring it up. It is not a problem to continue a discussion or even postpone a topic to re-visit a past topic!!!!!
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