Monday, April 12, 2010

Del's 160m Net Report!!

Here is the net report from NW8I, Del, the APRN's super stand in net control operator. THANKS AGAIN DEL!!!!!

The 160 meter net started kind of slow, there was just W2AOJ, Matt and
myself until about 15 or 20 after the hour. Then KJ4PZZ, Bill checked in
and at about 0145Z KI4LWA, Howard checked in.

We talked about antennas and antenna supports mostly with a little 2 meter
talk thrown in. All things considered it was pretty good net.

KI4LWA, Howard suggested that we might use 3817.76 as an alternate for the
80 meter net, as that freq was pretty quiet last Thurs nite.


Stay tuned for updates on the changes that are going on here at the APRN and our sister Networks. There is alot going on with the APRN Mobile Communications Vehicle as well.
Hopefully, John will be back soon to run the APRN 80m net. He can see if the move suggested by Howard will make the net easier to run. So until next time, EVERYBODY HAVE A SAFE WEEK!!!!!
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