Friday, September 11, 2009


This is gonna be good!!!!!

Larry, KB0EMB will be running a Digital Net Saturday. Here is his post from the forum.

OK gang, this Saturday @2000 UTC (4 PM eastern) I'll fire up the script to start the first APRN digital net on a frequency of 14.071.5 (USB or DIG) BPSK-31 mode ~1000 Hz on the waterfall. I should be operating portable (may have rain, so maybe not portable) with a net duration of 30-60 minutes.

Those not having an interface can still monitor, all that is needed is a microphone on the PC soundcard MIC input. Just place the MIC in proximity to the radio speaker and run Digipan or other PSK-31 mode software. A reverse can be done to transmit, just hold the radio microphone close to the PC speakers and key the radio as you click the software TX button. They call this "acoustical coupling" & while not the best system - it does work. If you don't have PC software for PSK-31 take a look at this URL http://www.digipan.net/

Likely future digital nets will be held on 40 meters, as an NCS can hear 'close' stations much better and 40 meters is not nearly as crowded for digital. I'd also propose that later on we try different modes. Some offer much faster transfer of data, to the point of being much faster than people can type or read, those modes are good for transferring a "larger" text file in shorter periods of time.
There is a program called MMSSTV (used in SSB voice parts of the band) that allows send/receive of photographs. One often busy frequency to illustrate is 14.230, some photos from outside the US/Canada might not be suitable for younger viewers.
URL is http://mmhamsoft.amateur-radio.ca/mmsstv/

Hope to CU on the waterfall,
73 Larry kb0emb

If you have digital capability or can rig up your station to copy the net PLEASE DO!!!
Many of you may be asking, what is a bunch of Preppers doing going digital???? Well, a laptop computer runs off of a battery....And digital as well as CW can operate in lousy band conditions where voice may not be able to be copied!!!!!

80 meter was alive and well

Santa took to the air again for another round of The American Preppers Radio Net. Tonight was a short net but once again the quality of the check-ins was very high. We tried to keep the net short because the band was very crowded tonight. It seemed no matter where we tried before net time the frequency was in use. 3.965 ended up being the only place we could find with little noise or QRM from other frequencies. So at 8:35 pm it was announced on the web page and Santa began calling for early check-ins.

We had a great net tonight with a lot of interest in the digital modes which was the topic for tonight's net. It seems we will be moving in the direction of having a APRN net run with PSK-31 as soon as all the details are worked out we will announce that net here on the APRN home page.A big thank you to everyone that is participating in the nets and helping make this a very friendly and fun place to be.

Here is the list of check ins for this net.

W4DMH WV Dave net control

KD8HDP MI Justin






W4SQL SC Landy



That puts a wrap on it folks
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