Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ham Radio's Ability for World Wide Communication

I was just on the 10 meter band playing and made a 5/9 contact with EA1ABT Luis in Spain I just wanted to post this for people that are not familiar with how great Ham Radio is. 100 Watts and a vertical antenna and able to talk to Spain like he is sitting in my shack. Preppers should all consider this wonderful hobby for it's ability to communicate with THE WORLD
UPDATE: I just looked in the log book and this is my first 10 meter to Spain. The distance between us was 3,732 miles talk about long distance

Test Net's for American Preppers Radio Net

American Preppers Radio Net will be conducting test sessions on different days and bands as we can get operators interested in helping conduct these test. I will post the times and frequency's on this site. Please contact me for more info. or leave a comment if you are interested in helping with this. American Preppers Radio Net welcomes any and all suggestions or comments you may have.

God Bless from the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia
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