Thursday, December 31, 2009


We here at the APRN wish each and every one of our readers and friends a very happy and prosperous New Year!!!! We truly hope that the New Year will bring lots of happiness and good news for all!!!!
As 2010 approaches, we hope you will continue to prepare yourselves and your family for whatever may confront us. It does help to be prepared for anything, and peace of mind and security is one of the pluses to being prepared. As radio operators. we need to continue to practice our operating skills in 2010 and help to spread the Prepper message throughout the radio community.
The APRN will continue our mission in 2010 and we need your help and ideas to make this an interesting and useful resource for radio operators, Preppers and anyone that is looking for Prepping information.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Short and Sweet....the APRN 160m net

Sunday nites APRN 160m net was a 2 man show as AC0BG, Dean was the only check in. The net wound up on 1.857.5 as 1.860 was busy. Del and Dean did carry on a conversation about the old tools that were used back in the day.
Remember, if you don't hear the net on 1.860, spin that dial and track us down!!!! The 160 meter band is really busy right now as conditions have been really good lately. The APRN group is relatively new at operating nets in crowded conditions but we will figure it out!!!!!
Everybody have a safe week!!!!! Remember, Friday we will have to start writing 2010 on everything.......

Saturday, December 26, 2009

As the year winds down.......The 160m APRN Net!!!!!

Come on in and join Del, NW8I for the last official APRN 160m Net for 2009 on Sunday night at 0200UTC, 9pm Eastern. It has been a good year here at the APRN and we are looking forward to 2010 to be even better in many respects!!!!
The topic will be old tools and their uses. You know, technology has us spoiled. What would we do if we have to revert to the old "Elbow Grease Technology"???. Actually, we here at the APRN wonder if there are some times that the "old way" isn't the better way?????
SO, please be sure to tune in and join us and get involved in the discussion!!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

I want to say first of all I am very sorry for not being around at all lately.

I also want to thank everyone that has been helping out to keep things going.

I have been very busy lately with trying to make a living. I have been running 24/7 since Friday when it started snowing here. I have been plowing snow all weekend and today is the first real break I have had.

I will not have a lot of time until after the Holidays so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish every body a very Merry Christmas. God Bless all and please be safe over this Holiday season.
Dave aka Santa

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's that time of year again!!!! Part 2

Sunday Night Del NW8I was at a Christmas program that members of his family were participating in. The program ran late and he did not get back in time for the net. So, the topic will be the same for this Sundays net. This is the time of the year for family and friends and we here at the APRN hope that everybody takes the time to spend some good quality time with family this season!!!! The radio will be there after the Christmas and New Year Holiday are over. And so will the APRN!!!!
Also, Don't forget tonites 40m net as Jeff KD8JPQ gives it another try. Conditions haven't been so good lately so dial around a see what happens at 5pm Eastern on 7.198LSB or thereabouts!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Better Late Than Never!!!! APRN 160m Net

Your humble author of Net Announcements, K7DLB, was stuck in Richmond Virginia fro the weekend after fighting his way through the "Blizzard of '09". He is home safe and sound and once again penning the Net Announcement for tonites net......

Tonite, Del, NW8I will be "Old Tools and how to do things the old way". As Preppers we need to remain schooled in the old way of building, maintaining and getting around the possible failures of some of the new tech ways that we have been accustomed to.
So, join in the discussion tonite at 0200utc, 9PM Eastern and maybe stir up some of those memories of hand saws, brace and bits, whittling knives and other old school items!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The 160m Net was all HEATED UP!!!!!

Here is Del's summary of tonites net
The topic for our Sunday night's APRNet was what do the net members use for
Emergency Soldering jobs. There were a lot of comments and I enjoyed this
net very much.

Most of the guys have or use one or more of the following items:
1. Use an inverter or generator to supply current to a conventional 110 vt
soldering iron.

2. Butane or propane torches, especially for outside RF connectors. One of
the points several guys made on the use of these tools was that they get
very hot and will burn what you're wanting to solder if you're not careful.
One tip was to shut the torch off for a second or two before you use it.
Another good suggestion was you can heat up a screwdruver held in a set of
pliers and do some soldering with that.

3. 12 volt battery soldering irons work pretty well and don't use too much
current. One idea was to use powerpole connectors on the iron and battery
for easy hookups.

4. There are smaller battery powered soldering irons using several AAs or
other types of batteries. Those are of limited use, taking a lot of
batteries with their high current draw.

5. Wood fired or charcoal fired old style soldering irons can be used for a
lot of jobs not requiring more delicate equipment.

Several of the guys have handpowered mechanical drills and the like. They
mentioned that sometimes you can find old style hand equipment at yard sales
and such. Obviously the APRNers as a group think this kind of equipment is
important, even tho most folks would say its old-fashioned. When the grid
is down old-fashioned will look good! I might add that everyone who checked
into the net has some form of emergency power, except for yours truly. I'm
workin on it. Really. Honest.

Some other contributions were that we're heading into a 35 mph world,
meaning we'll be using more battery powered vehicles and such. We need some
new reqs to enable this kind of vehicle to be used more safely in traffic

10 years ago one of the guys heard this comment made at a municipal meeting
in a local town. If the grid was down and/or transport was interrupted,
people would start dying in 3 weeks. Those weren't the exact words but you
get the idea.

Thanks to all who checked in tonight.

AC0BG Dean

N8BIT Dave



W8UZZ Russ

NW8I Del

73s till next week

Del nw8i

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The 10 Meter Band was rockin Saturday!!!!

I actually got a little time to play radio late Saturday night and I found the 10m band just getting with it!!!! There was a contest going on and there was a GREAT opening!!!!! Take a look at the map. I've never gotten into South Dakota on 10 before so there was a new personal record set!!!!All done with my KENWOOD 450(Santa)at 100 watts and my trusty 'ol Moonraker. I hope the openings continue and I get to hear some of the Preppers gang workin the bands!!!!
PS You can click on the pictures in the posts to expand them!!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunday Night Net

The Sun night APRNet will meet on/or about 1.860 mhz at 0200Z(9pm eastern).

The topic for discussion will be: What do you use for soldering when the grid is down. 12 volt stuff, butane torches, fire heated soldering irons? Something else? Where do we get this equipment?

The topic was suggested a few weeks ago on one of the nets. Looking forward to the discussion.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Attention all you 40 meter Operators!!!

PLEASE set aside the salad and steak for a bit to check in to the APRN 40 meter net Tuesday at 5pm Eastern. Jeff, KD8JPQ is out checking his antennas and making sure everything is A-ok to bring the net to life on 7.198LSB give or take a couple of KC's. So check in and join the fun as we never know what Jeff may have up his sleeve!!!!!
Don't forget, 7.198 +or- a few, 5PM Eastern!!!!!!


Just a quick note for everyone. We have a page set up for links to useful information. If you find something you would like to share with others please email us so we can link to it. If you have not seen the page yet please click on the APRN Links on the bar at the top of the page

WOW what a net it was

The 160 meter net was actually on 1.858 instead of 1.860 mhz tonight. The group on 1.860 continued to meet at 0200z so I just QSYed to 1.858. Most everyone found us, but in the future if you don't hear us on 1.860 just look up or down a few khz, hopefully we'll be there.

The topic for discussion tonight was what is your favorite prepper books? Non-fiction and fiction.

On the Non-fiction side The encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery was popular. It covers a huge amount of information on planting, baking, cooking, farm animals and much more.

Next the Foxfire series of books was noted. This series covers all areas of old style living from Appalachia.

Also mentioned was Where There is No Doctor as well as Where There is no Dentist.

How to Survive the End of the World by James Wesley, Rawles is a good overall book on the prepper subject.

Libraries were mentioned as a source to borrow and look for books at their book sales. Another tip was to source links to the APRN Links page for additional sources of internet information.

In the fiction category:

Civil War II the Coming Breakup of America

The Patriots by James Wesley Rawles

Alas Bablyon by Pat Frank

Pulling Thru by Dean Ing

The Earth Abides by George R. Stewart

It was mentioned that the unemployment rate must be higher than the official stats because there are many people who have gone off the unemployment compensation roll that aren't counted. That is undoubtedly correct.

The check-ins for tonight were:

AC0BG Dean-Iowa
W4DMH Dave- WV

Late in the net K2IPX Bill checked in with a very nice sig from NJ. Bill is a professional meteorologist and his take on Global Warming is that it is an unproven science with a little dishonesty thrown in by the pro warming enthusiasts. He didn't volunteer that comment. As we had a professional on line I asked him what his opinion was. The reason I asked is because its hard to make a judgment on issues like Global Warming and others by listening to the Establishment media.

All in all it was another nice net tonight and I want to thank everyone who checked in. I appreciate it very much.

Del nw8i

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tonite Del, NW8I takes the controls of the APRN 160 Meter Net!!!!

Ok gang....Tonite Del, NW8I will be substituting for K7DLB as Net Control of the 160m net. We don't want you guys treating him like the substitute teacher that you mistreated in High School!!! There will be no throwing of pencils, shooting spitballs or snoring allowed!!!!! Actually Del will be taking the Net for the Month of December. So lets make sure he gets a good case of writers cramp!!!!
Del's topic will be "What is your favorite reading material concerning Prepping?" Fiction, Non fiction, Author ETC.
So join in the discussion at 0200UTC(9pm) Eastern on 1.860LSB. Maybe some more of our friends out in the great midwest can join in as Del is located in Ohio.
Thanks Del for stepping in!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free Medical Clinics

With the economy the way it is I felt this information my help some people out. If you are in need of medical care and can not afford to see a doctor PLEASE see if there is a clinic listed in your state near enough for you to get the medical help you need. The National Association of Free Clinics has listings by the state here.


It's that time of year again!!!!

Well, as the Christmas season approaches, many of us are getting busy at work and around the house not only settling in for winter but the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday season.
The same can be said for me. It am a Linehaul Contractor for FedEX Ground and our business EXPLODES at this time each year!!!! I have been asked to work Sundays up until Christmas so that takes me out of the 160m net for a bit. I have asked Del, NW8I to fill in for me.
We will let you know what is happening as time goes on so STAY TUNED for updates and info!!!!!!
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