Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is Amateur Radio Today...

While this video is a little dated (2003), it gives light on some of the valuable aspects of Ham Radio, especially on how it can provide valuable communication capability during emergency situations. Hosted by Walter Cronkite KB2GSD SK, a lifelong ham operator who recently passed away.

My thanks go out to "tomintexas" who posted the video on Youtube, along with another great video, "Hello Radio!", both video's produced and distributed by the American Radio Relay League,(ARRL).

Santa's Mail Bag

The question I am asked the most ON THE AIR is Whats A Prepper

My Answer is:

I have been thinking about this for some time now. This phrase or word has been getting a lot of attention lately. It seems as though this means many different things to many people. I can only speak for myself and what it means to me. I feel this way about it.

Prepper to me is simply put a way to define any one that takes a step towards being more self reliant. If you have never felt the need to have even one can of food or anything extra in your house than you are not a prepper.

If however you have felt the need to have some extra of anything you use than you would be described as a prepper. I know this is a rather simple description but this is the best I can truly answer the question of Whats A Prepper.

Many more questions are in and I will get to them soon so please keep checking back for more
73 W4DMH
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