Saturday, February 13, 2010

The APRN 80m and 160m Nets

Thursday nite was still suffering antenna issues so NW8I jumped in as alternate net control. The discussion varied dealing with emergency power and HF power amps being talked about. The check ins were:
AC0BG, Dean IA
NW8I Del Ohio THANKS DEL!!!!
N9MZF, Mike IN

As far as the 160m net goes, Sunday is Valentines Day. Lets take the evening off and spend it with the Wife, Girlfriend or your special Valentine. The radio takes a bunch of time away from family and friends, especially if your significant other hasn't grasped the concept yet!!!!!HiHi!!!!
So the APRN Nets will return next week Feb 18, for the 80m net, and Feb 21 for the 160m net. Stay tuned for updates!!!!!!
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