Friday, September 4, 2009

80 Meter net results for 9-3-09

Well folks....The 80 meter net for Thursday 9-3-09 started real rough as the noise level here was high...Staying persistent does pay off....The topic for tonight's net became Alternative energy at the last minute...Here is the truth of how that happened...I have been swamped the last few days dealing with several issues for the APRN.....So I totally dropped the ball for a topic for this net....My apologies to all for that....This topic came out during check ins as one of the stations announced he was totally on solar power for the net....Folks it don't get no better than this.....The wonderful world of Ham radio is always full of surprises....I have been amazed at the quality of our nets....It seems every week we have at least one or more new people joining to our nets.....This week has been no different with a lot of regulars returning as well as several first time check ins that seemed to enjoy and have some fun....I see no need to do a list as the google map says it all.
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