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This actually dovetails nicely with Santa's "Life Lessons Series" Part 4.
Last night while preparing for the 160m meter net, a bunch of operators were on the 1.860 frequency having a very nice ragchew session. They are regulars since the 160m band opened up and they are always very gracious when I ask if I can have the frequency at 9pm for the net. It was no different last night except for one operator that expressed his opinion on our project and the whole Prepper movement in general. It was not directed at me, nor was it nasty or out of line, it was his opinion and he is certainly entitled to it. To kind of condense his thoughts, I'll just say he was calling us a bunch of "Chicken Littles". I thought about this and here are my thoughts....
This operator is, I'm afraid, the norm, rather than the exception. He has lived his life his own way probably not paying a whole lot of attention to things outside his immediate world. When he does pay attention to the news of the day, it has been trimmed and slanted as the Media is so inclined to do. I feel bad for folks like this. It is the goal of this movement and others like it to wake people up. Santa's post lays it out nicely. So read it a couple of times to let it sink in and get to work!!!! There is much to do, we have to be ready WHEN, not IF things get troublesome!!!!!!!!!
Dave K7DLB

Life's Lessons Part 4 APRN Goals

Life's Lessons Part 4

I have enjoyed sharing with you this series of post on how and why the APRN was born and I hope you have enjoyed getting to know just a little about me and how this all happened. Next, I want to share the main goals we have here at the APRN and coming soon I will try to share some of the plans we have in the works to help accomplish the goals listed here.

The goals of the APRN

1. To have established nets run at least 3 nights per week

2. To help educate people that are either new to Ham radio or that are just learning what Ham radio has to offer them.

3. To demonstrate just how functional Ham radio is for communications needs with no grid support at all and also just how versatile the hobby can be with very limited grid support.

4. To be prepared to assist with any need for communications during an emergency or disaster, and to be on the air to help provide communications in the event of a failure of the grid supported forms of communication.

5. To help with educating people of the importance of being prepared to provide for themselves in the event of any type of emergency, rather it be a natural disaster or a man made event that would disrupt the way we live or normal lives.

This is just an outline of the major goals of the APRN and while there may well be more in the future, this will give you some idea about why we are here. If anyone here reading has any ideas or suggestions please use the email contact on the right side of this page.
73 for now
Dave aka Santa
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