Monday, August 3, 2009

Tuesday Night is 40 Night!

UPDATE: To Keep us from conflicting with another Net, Tonights Net will be on 7.198Mhz....KI4HEE

Feeling frisky? Looking for fun? Come join in the "Forty Frolic" with us Tuesday Night at 9PM EST (01:00 Zulu)

We'll be taking the American Preppers Radio Net to the air again on 7.196MHz. Last week's net had a rocky start since the advertised frequency was dominated by the BBC broadcast right at the top of the hour.

Hopefully, things will start out fine with our move to 7.196, if we do have a conflict, just tune around...we'll be out there, taking check-ins. We're counting on good band conditions, and with luck we'll be heard clear across the country, maybe even out across the globe.

Come join in the fun, Tuesday Night, 9PM EST (01:00Zulu) on 7.196MHz.
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