Sunday, August 30, 2009

WOW!!!!!!!!! What a Net!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!

HA!!!!! We fooled the static again and had an absolutely wonderful net tonite on 160 meters. The discussion centered around a question posed by Del, NW8I. He had some questions about emergency backup power for his radio equipment. Dave, N8BIT had a lot of great information about his battery system. Walt, W1HHN, also had an interesting question about battery life and refreshing a tired battery.
We also set a new record tonite. We had a total of 10 check ins including Net Control. We also made use of the Net Logger IM feature to welcome 2 SWL listeners to the net!!!
Tonites check ins:
KB3IFH Randy, from Maryland
W4DMH Dave, from West Virginia
K7DLB/ Net Control, From Maryland
NW8I Del, from Ohio Del, here is your link to the meter that monitors your batteries: WWW.POWERWERX.COM
W4SQL Lonnie, from South Carolina
AC8EM Mike, from Ohio
N8BIT Dave, From Michigan
W1HHN Walt, from Massachusetts
KI4HEE Bob, from South Carolina
KD8HDP Justin, from Michigan.
Once again, THANKS!!!! to all that checked in and please be sure to check on one of our other nets. So, everyone have a safe week and we'll talk to you again, same time same frequency!!!!

The 160 Meter Wire is Being Stretched out!!!!!!

Good 'ol Dave K7DLB is outside stretching out his 160 meter wire in preparation for the APRN 160 meter net tonite at 9PM eastern. The weather is great and the storms have moved out so let get with it and have a GREAT net tonite!!!!!!
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