Friday, April 30, 2010

New Site Features

We have moved this site on to a server to better serve you. If you have been following us by email feed you will need to go to the new site and sign up again. It is on the top right of the new page.Click HERE We are working very hard to get the new site working the way we need it to so please stick with us as we get everything up and working again.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Del's 160m Net Report!!

Here is the net report from NW8I, Del, the APRN's super stand in net control operator. THANKS AGAIN DEL!!!!!

The 160 meter net started kind of slow, there was just W2AOJ, Matt and
myself until about 15 or 20 after the hour. Then KJ4PZZ, Bill checked in
and at about 0145Z KI4LWA, Howard checked in.

We talked about antennas and antenna supports mostly with a little 2 meter
talk thrown in. All things considered it was pretty good net.

KI4LWA, Howard suggested that we might use 3817.76 as an alternate for the
80 meter net, as that freq was pretty quiet last Thurs nite.


Stay tuned for updates on the changes that are going on here at the APRN and our sister Networks. There is alot going on with the APRN Mobile Communications Vehicle as well.
Hopefully, John will be back soon to run the APRN 80m net. He can see if the move suggested by Howard will make the net easier to run. So until next time, EVERYBODY HAVE A SAFE WEEK!!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Uh Oh, The 160m net.....

Here we go again!!! K7DLB has a business meeting in Virginia Sunday and he may not make it back in time to run the APRN 160m net. I know, he PROMISED that he would be around for the net but this opportunity just came up in the last week and if it takes off, he will be a free man!!!!! Well, MAYBE.......
So just in case he is not back in time, once again please tune in at 9pm EDT (0100UTC) to 1.860LSB and see if maybe Santa W4DMH, or Del, NW8I grab the reins and start a discussion!!! Stay tuned to this site for last minute announcements!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The APRN 80m Net

John, Net Control for the 80m APRN net will need a stand in net control for this Thursday's net. There has been a death in his family and he needs to tend to that. We offer our condolences to John and his wife and our thoughts and Prayers will be with them as they deal with their loss.
If anyone wants to give net control a shot or even just ad lib net control we would appreciate it. Del, NW8I has been a great short notice stand in net control so give a listen on Thursday at 9pm (0200UTC) on 3.962LSB, and you just may hear the melodious tones of Del's voice in there getting the evening discussion started!!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

80m Net Report &160M Net Annnouncement

reports that Thursday's APRN 80m net was hammered by bad band conditions. NW8I Del, was the only check in. Seems that band conditions are getting fairly rough lately. But, in proper Prepper fashion, we will keep trying because learning how to cope with bad conditions is necessary.
Tomorrow nights' 160m net will take a standby for the Easter holiday. K7DLB has a family commitment that just came up. IF someone wants to take the net, please go ahead and let K7DLB know how you made out. The 160m band has been bad lately as well. But, as this is the Easter weekend, please take time to give thanks for the gift that this day represents. Also, give thanks for the ability to prepare for any situation that may arise. We never know what may happen in the future, but there is a certain peace of mind that comes with Prepping. So, enjoy your day and we will be back in full force next weekend. K7DLB has been working like a dog in his garden, there is a Tomato plant sprout peeking in the starting bin so the future looks bright!!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The APRN Net on April Fools Day!!

So check in and see what the discussion will be!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The 6th man rises to the occasion AGAIN!!!! the APRN 160m net

Tell ya what gang, you just have to hand it to Del NW8I. He has been the APRN lifesaver as he is willing to step up to the plate and stand in as Net Control and we certainly appreciate it!!!!! THANKS DEL!!!!! Here is his net summary...

We had the net but the noise was bad and
the prop wasn't much better.

Dave, W4DMH checked in and we primarily discussed his RF problems. Dave's
signal was good on this end tonight but he still hasn't completely cleared
up the rf problem to his satisfaction.

We did have 5 brave hams check in tonight considering how bad the band was.

AC0BG Dean
N8BIT Dave
W4DMH Dave
NW8I Del 6th man net control

Thanks one and all for checking in this tough nite.

Del NW8I

73s to all

So, once again, thanks to Del for his help and please be sure to check out the APRN 80m net on Thursday at 9pm EDT on 3.962. Everybody have a great week!!!!

Oh yeah, don't forget to check out the APRN Mobile Communications Vehicle project. We need some help as far as donating some items and we will be posting more info as it comes along. If you have any questions just hit the e-mail button and fire them off!!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The APRN 160m Net will ............

We're not sure. K7DLB needs a stand in for tonites net, but as luck will have it, it is supposed to rain and that will cut his day short so he MAY be able to handle the net tonite. So tune in and see who wins the race to run the APRN 160m net tonite at 9pm EDT(0200UTC) on 1.860LSB. Of course, if you don't hear anything, don't worry, there is lots exciting stuff going on over on the TAPRN.com site. Check out Project APRN Mobile Communications Vehicle. This is gonna be a fun adventure for the APRN. So, check it out!!!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Net Report, Better Late than Never!!!!!

Thursday nites APRN 80m net was handled by Del, NW8I(Thanks Del!!!!) and here is his report......

I got on for the net at the last minute. As it turned out we had a pretty
good net. Some QRN, a little QRM on my end but it was ok.


AC0BG Dean
W1LQE Don TN New Checkin
KE5MXH Don OK New Checkin
N8VFJ Ed WV New Checkin
W4SQL Landy SC
NW8I Del OH Net Control

Bill KJ4PZZ started the discussion about what to do about pests getting into
pantries. He had used steel wool to block seams and corners and such.
Flashing was suggested as another way to block pests.

Storing food and such in metal and plastic buckets is another way of keeping
pests out of food.

We discussed water storage and purification. Several of the net members
have very good storage and purification systems to numerous to mention.
They are well prepared. We discussed how to keep pests out of the garden
which is hard to do.

Oh, KJ4PZZ and AC0BG both said regular milk cartons don't make reliable
water storage containers.

A new checkin, KE5MXH Don, uses forklift batteries for his backup system
with very good results. Don said factories are a good place to try to find
that kind of battery. They rotate them every so often. Forklift batteries
have a long lifetime. 15 or 20 years.

It was a nice net.



Thanks to all that checked in and Remember, K7DLB will need a stand in Net Control Op for Sunday Nites APRN 160m Net!!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The first update to our new project

I want to share with everyone today the body of a email that I received this morning. All I can say is thank you very much for this offer in helping us accomplish what we have set out to do. It is so nice to read this and know that all the time and effort we put in here has seemed to make a difference. I do want to point out that we could not and would not be here if it were not for all of the people that help us out and also the people that participate in our nets.

Good morning Santa,

I have been watching your site for some time now and must say, I do like what you are trying to do. My grandson is into ham radio but not fully on board with the preparedness mindset. I have been speaking with him over the last year about this more and more. I sent him this link http://www.taprn.com/2010/03/aprn-goals-and-big-first-step.html to your site the other day hoping that the ham radios twist would help.  He just called me and told me he would be willing to donate a 1995 Chevrolet Astro van he no longer uses if you are interested. He said that it is a work van not a regular soccer mom type and it does need just a little tender loving care, but all in all is a very solid vehicle.

He also told me that your site and what you are doing is something he will pay more attention to in the future. I want to thank you for bring him one step closer to the preparedness mindset as nothing else I have tried has ever helped before. As a loving grandmother I am glad that something I did has finally seemed to get his attention.

He is located in the greater Washington DC area if that is close enough for you to work out getting the Van from him. If this will help please let me know so we can get this worked out soon.

We would both ask that you keep our identities secure for personal reasons in this matter.

Here is a site I have started that you may want look at. http://justiceforpreppers.blogspot.com/

May God Bless You
Truth Told
(Real Name withheld by request)

I want to personally thank you for this generous offer from you and your grandson. Please rest assured that we will handle this with the utmost respect for your privacy as you requested.

Please look here for more about this project.The APRN Mobile Communications Venture
Get Free Information on Ham Radio
Sponsored By: American Preppers Radio Net