Saturday, March 27, 2010

Net Report, Better Late than Never!!!!!

Thursday nites APRN 80m net was handled by Del, NW8I(Thanks Del!!!!) and here is his report......

I got on for the net at the last minute. As it turned out we had a pretty
good net. Some QRN, a little QRM on my end but it was ok.


AC0BG Dean
W1LQE Don TN New Checkin
KE5MXH Don OK New Checkin
N8VFJ Ed WV New Checkin
W4SQL Landy SC
NW8I Del OH Net Control

Bill KJ4PZZ started the discussion about what to do about pests getting into
pantries. He had used steel wool to block seams and corners and such.
Flashing was suggested as another way to block pests.

Storing food and such in metal and plastic buckets is another way of keeping
pests out of food.

We discussed water storage and purification. Several of the net members
have very good storage and purification systems to numerous to mention.
They are well prepared. We discussed how to keep pests out of the garden
which is hard to do.

Oh, KJ4PZZ and AC0BG both said regular milk cartons don't make reliable
water storage containers.

A new checkin, KE5MXH Don, uses forklift batteries for his backup system
with very good results. Don said factories are a good place to try to find
that kind of battery. They rotate them every so often. Forklift batteries
have a long lifetime. 15 or 20 years.

It was a nice net.



Thanks to all that checked in and Remember, K7DLB will need a stand in Net Control Op for Sunday Nites APRN 160m Net!!!!!

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