Sunday, January 31, 2010

The APRN 160 meter Net was talkative!!!!

Tonite the APRN 160m net discussed ideas to pass the time while the grid was down. John ran that portion of the net and there were several ideas offered from reading, to making items that are necessary to prepping by hand to just good 'ol conversation. In this electronic age, there are several of the lost arts that should be revived. We also dealt with some questions about battery charging. This is a constant topic that really needs some attention and research. You can never really have too much information about backup power and certainly as questions arise and information comes available, we will always make time to share.
Tonites Check Ins:
AC0BG Dean, IA
NW8I Del, OH


Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Snowbound 160m net Shovels Out!!!!

Well, the weatherman has struck again!!!! Here at the K7DLB ranch we were only supposed to get a dusting of snow and we wound up with 6 inches+!!!!!
Anyways, the topic for Sunday's net will be stolen from John, . The topic will be, "What will you do for entertainment if the electric grid fails?" In fact, K7DLB will get the net underway, and  will take over when the time comes for the discussion to start.
So, tune in and join in the discussion Sunday Nite on 1.860LSB at 9pm Eastern (0200UTC)

Friday, January 29, 2010

The APRN 80 meter net Thursday 1/28/10

Well folks John gave it his first try but we gotta tell ya it was a rough night to try to run a net on 80 Meters. John and myself both had a 30 over noise floor and even though we are only about 45 miles apart by air we could not hear each other. These conditions are not normal for 80 meter but as disappointing as this was for his first APRN net control duties,  John will take to the air again next Thursday night for another try at bringing the 80 meter net back to the APRN lineup of nets.

This is yet another example of how important it is to practice our communication skills now as you never know what will happen to the bands at any given time. The wonderful world of  HF on Ham Radio is always full of surprises both good and bad.

Check back often right here for coming announcements of where and when we will take to the air next.
73 for now

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The APRN 80 Meter Net takes off tonite!!!!!!!!!

Tonite, John,grabs the controls of the APRN 80m net. Please join in the discussion as we try to establish another Net to promote preparedness among Hams and radio users of all types. The topic for tonite will be:"What will you do for entertainment in a situation such as electrical grid failure". Fact is, we have been so used to pushing a switch and expecting to be occupied that we forget what is like to do something that is entertaining that doesn't involve electricity, high tech or little effort.
So, come on and join in tonite at 9pm, 0200 UTC on 3.961 or thereabouts!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Conversation Tonite on the 160m APRN Net!!

Tonite on the APRN 160m net we went back to our roots and each of us told the story of how we got started in Ham Radio. It is interesting to note that most got started in radio at a young age either by sheer curiosity or with the help of a friend. We all expressed the need for radio as a communications medium in the case of Prepping. This was driven home by the events in Haiti. One thing we need to remember, you don't need a fancy setup to get started. The basics will do just fine. A radio, antenna and power source will put you on the air!!!!
Tonites Check ins:

W2AOJ Matt, NJ
W4DMH Dave, WV
AC0BG Dean, IA
NW8I Del, OH
Kd8KWD John, WV

We hope to hear from YOU next week, same time, same frequency!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The APRN 160 Meter Net is Reflective.......

The topic for the APRN 160 meter net on Sunday night will be, "What got you into Ham Radio, and what do you use it for?"

K7DLB, your net control operator is putting together a series about Ham radio and he would like to start off with that question. Please join in with your thoughts and opinions in tonites discussion!!!
The Net takes off at 9pm Eastern, 0200UTC on 1.860 or thereabouts. Remember, if we have to move it will be posted here and on Netlogger!!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Uh Oh!!! We had 2 nets tonite!!!!!!

Turns out that 1.860 came open and Del NW8I missed the frequency change and ran a Net along side of the one on 1.880.
Here is his net summary.....

I checked the APRN web site about 6pm eastern or so. I saw that you were going to be net control tonight which is good. I went to 1.860 at about 9:03 or so to check in and discuss tonigts topic. There was already 2 or 3 stations wondering where we were. So not knowing you were on 1.880 I called for checkins.

We discussed the topic of alternative sources of fuel for cooking, as best I could remember what the topic was. We had a good additional net. Most everyone agreed to alternate fuels such as propane, sterno, natural gas, wood and generated electric. Also, I have several packs of trioxane and the little stoves for it.

We had , I think, 4 new checkins tonight.

W2AOJ Matt


W9PT Ron near FT Wayne, IN

WA4VEG Bob Charlotte, NC


AC0BG Dean


NW8I Del Accidental NC

The APRN 160m Net was a little short!!!!

Must be the NFL Playoffs....
We only had 2 check ins tonite for the net but the discussion was lively and interesting. We discussed Firestarting, wood burning, and cooking over a wood fire.One thing was brought up by W4DMH..You don't want to burn pressure treated lumber!!!!! The chemicals in there could do some real damage as arsenic was a major compound used until recently.
Being able to start a fire for cooking, heating or just protection from scavenging animals is very important and as Preppers we need to put that on our lists for research and action. Some of these topics may seem insignificant, but as things go, we may need to apply alot of pioneering basics in our day to day living.
One link came up while researching this today. It is a good read and thought provoking....
I'm going to do a self styled bit of research on some of these methods once the camping season opens up this summer. Unless I blow myself up or set the campground on fire I'll give a report........

We landed on 1.880 tonite and the band was noisy, almost as bad a Summertime!!!!!

Tonites Check ins:

W4DMH Dave, WV

APRN is on 1.880...We will try to hold it!!!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The APRN Net wants to know.....How are you gonna cook it???

The topic for Sunday's APRN 160m net will be Methods of cooking when the good 'ol oven won't work!!!! Or, burnt offerings over an open fire......
Sounds like K7DLB has had some experience in these matters!!!!
So, tune in at 9pm Sunday evening somewhere around 1.860 to start but keep a eye out on here for the last minute frequency change report. Also, Net logger will be up as well. Just keyword Netlogger and download it for free and look for the American Preppers Radio Net and the "almost Instant Messanger" will let you know where we land.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Some information for Amateur Operators..Haiti

Here is the Email sent out by the ARRL concerning the massive earthquake in Haiti. Please respect the efforts there as it is going to be EXTREMELY difficult to communicate in that area for quite some time.
Also, keep those folks affected in your thoughts and prayers and consider helping out the American Red Cross with a small donation as their resources have been maxxed out.

Special Bulletin 2 ARLX002
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT January 13, 2010
To all radio amateurs

ARLX002 IARU Region 2 Requests Frequencies Be Kept Clear After
Massive Earthquake Strikes Haiti

On Tuesday, January 12 at 4:53 PM Haiti time (2153 UTC), a magnitude
7.0 earthquake hit 10 miles (15 kilometers) west of Port-au-Prince,
the island nation's capital. Communications in and out of Haiti have
been disrupted. No word has been received as of yet from any of
Haitian Amateur Radio operators. The ARRL encourages US amateurs to
be aware of the emergency operations on the following frequencies:
7.045 and 3.720 MHz (IARU Region 2 nets), 14.265, 7.265 and 3.977
MHz (SATERN nets), and 14.300 MHz (Intercontinental Assistance and
Traffic Net). The International Radio Emergency Support Coalition
(IRESC) is also active on EchoLink node 278173.

IARU Region 2 Area C Emergency Coordinator, Arnie Coro, CO2KK, is
coordinating a multi-national response by hams. There are organized
nets on 7.045 and 3.720 MHz; amateurs are asked to monitor the
frequencies, but to also keep them clear of non-essential traffic.
Amateur Radio operators should also be aware that emergency traffic
pertaining to the Haitian earthquake is expected on the SATERN
frequencies of 14.265 MHz, 7.265 MHz and 3977 MHz, according to
SATERN's leader, Major Pat McPherson. The Salvation Army is
accepting health and welfare traffic requests on its Web site.

"As late as 9:45 PM local time (0245 UTC), we have not been able to
contact any amateur or emergency services stations in Haiti," Coro
said in an e-mail. "Amateurs from Cuba, the Dominican Republic,
Puerto Rico and Venezuela are monitoring the 40 meter band
frequency. We are still keeping watch on 7.045 MHz, hoping that
someone in Haiti may have access to a transceiver and at least a car
battery to run it," but so far. no HH stations have checked in.

Tuesday's quake was felt in the Dominican Republic, which shares the
island of Hispaniola with Haiti, and in Eastern Cuba, but no major
damage was reported in either place.

The January 13 edition of The Daily DX reported that the Rev John
Henault, HH6JH, made contact late Wednesday morning with the
Intercontinental Assistance and Traffic Net (IATN) on 14.300 MHz;
this is the IARU Global Center of Activity frequency for emergency
communications. He said that he was safe, but had no power and no
phone service. He was operating on battery power and hoping to get a
generator running later in the day. The edition also noted that
Pierre Petry, HH2/HB9AMO -- who was in Cap Haitien (about 140 km
north of Port-au-Prince) is "okay"; Petry is in Haiti working for
the United Nations World Food Program. Later today, he will be
traveling to the capital.

The UN's 9000 peacekeepers in Haiti -- many of whom are from Brazil
-- were distracted from aid efforts by their own tragedy: Many spent
the night hunting for survivors in the ruins of their headquarters.
"It would appear that everyone who was in the building, including my
friend Hedi Annabi, the United Nations' Secretary General's special
envoy, and everyone with him and around him, are dead," French
Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said Wednesday, speaking on French
radio. UN peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy would not confirm that
Annabi was dead, but said he was among more than 100 people missing
in the rubble of its headquarters. He said only about 10 people had
been pulled out, many of them badly injured. Fewer than five bodies
had been pulled from the rubble, he said.

The United Nations said the capital's main airport was "fully
operational" and that relief flights would begin on Wednesday,
January 13.

The situation in Haiti is still chaotic. More information will be
posted as soon as possible. Information is being validated and
shared between many amateur groups and news sources as it unfolds.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The 160m Net was Heavy Weight!!!!!

Well, at least that was what almost everybody was saying.......It seems that the most popular New Years resolution was to lose weight. Well good luck to all in that endeavor. The discussion also involved committments to keep up the Preps and continue to spread the word of Prepping.
We wound up on 1.876 after our home frequency was in use. It won't be long we will find a frequency to call our permanent home.
Tonites Check ins:

W4DMH Dave, WV

NW8I Del, OH
KD8EAF Josh, TN New Check in!!! WELCOME JOSH !!!!!

1.876 for the 160m net!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A New Year, and a new Resolution!!!!!

Sunday Nite the APRN 160 meter net wants to know what your New Years Resolution is for this year. K7DLB your Net Control wants to lose weight, get out of debt and grow hair on his head......Well, two out of three ain't bad!!!!! Please tune in at 0200UTC, 9PM eastern on 1.860LSB and join in on the discussion. If the frequency is in use, K7DLB will post on here where he is hiding. He will also have netlogger available as well.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A funny thing happened at Midnite!!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!
I am presently in Waukegan Illinois and last night at midnite when the New Year was struck at midnite, I tried to call my kids on my cell phone and they were trying to call me. The system was locked completely up and it took 15 minutes to get through to me and several minutes of trying after that to get ahold of anybody else!!!! Even then the call quality was questionable.
Can you imagine what it would be like if a National Emergency was to take place? What would be the first thing most folks would go for? The cell phone, naturally!!!! I consider this event to be a bow shot warning us to be prepared to use other methods of communications. As Preppers and radio operators, we need to have those batteries charged and a family frequency established so we can at least have a shot of communicating with each other. Just some New Years Day thoughts!!!!!

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