Sunday, January 17, 2010

Uh Oh!!! We had 2 nets tonite!!!!!!

Turns out that 1.860 came open and Del NW8I missed the frequency change and ran a Net along side of the one on 1.880.
Here is his net summary.....

I checked the APRN web site about 6pm eastern or so. I saw that you were going to be net control tonight which is good. I went to 1.860 at about 9:03 or so to check in and discuss tonigts topic. There was already 2 or 3 stations wondering where we were. So not knowing you were on 1.880 I called for checkins.

We discussed the topic of alternative sources of fuel for cooking, as best I could remember what the topic was. We had a good additional net. Most everyone agreed to alternate fuels such as propane, sterno, natural gas, wood and generated electric. Also, I have several packs of trioxane and the little stoves for it.

We had , I think, 4 new checkins tonight.

W2AOJ Matt


W9PT Ron near FT Wayne, IN

WA4VEG Bob Charlotte, NC


AC0BG Dean


NW8I Del Accidental NC

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