Sunday, January 17, 2010

The APRN 160m Net was a little short!!!!

Must be the NFL Playoffs....
We only had 2 check ins tonite for the net but the discussion was lively and interesting. We discussed Firestarting, wood burning, and cooking over a wood fire.One thing was brought up by W4DMH..You don't want to burn pressure treated lumber!!!!! The chemicals in there could do some real damage as arsenic was a major compound used until recently.
Being able to start a fire for cooking, heating or just protection from scavenging animals is very important and as Preppers we need to put that on our lists for research and action. Some of these topics may seem insignificant, but as things go, we may need to apply alot of pioneering basics in our day to day living.
One link came up while researching this today. It is a good read and thought provoking....
I'm going to do a self styled bit of research on some of these methods once the camping season opens up this summer. Unless I blow myself up or set the campground on fire I'll give a report........

We landed on 1.880 tonite and the band was noisy, almost as bad a Summertime!!!!!

Tonites Check ins:

W4DMH Dave, WV

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