Sunday, November 15, 2009

There were lotsa good words tonite on the APRN 160m net!!!

Tonites APRN 160m net topic was Morse Code. When it comes down to it, as Preppers, we need to know CW as it has a lot of low power capabilities to cut through the QRM and other forms of interference. We heard from several operators that have experience in CW and a ton of good ideas for learning CW were passed around.
Tonites Check ins:
N8SFO Phil, WV; New Check in THANKS!!!!
W4DMH Dave, WV
KC8ODH John, OH; New Check in THANKS!!!!
NW8I Del, OH
AC0BG Dean, IA
WA2SQQ Bob, NJ New Check in THANKS!!!!!
We also want to thank W8LMG, KD8IZZ, N8KUK and Phil,N8SFO for moving to allow us to use the frequency to run the net. THANKS GUYS!!!!!!
So once again, we want everybody that checked in to have a safe week and we hope to see you again next week, same time, same frequency!!!!

Some interesting links from tonites net...
AC6V, this site is loaded with resources!!!

The APRN 160m net Is at a loss for words!!!!!!

Tonite, K7DLB Net Control of the 160m Net for the APRN has decided that Morse Code will be the topic. NO the net will NOT be in code, but we just want to know more about who knows code and can use it proficiently. K7DLB is a dyslexic nightmare of an operator and code is not in his operating resume. Yet. So, if you know CW and can help out those that don't know CW methods of learning Code, please join in and help out!!! Please tune in at 0200UTC (9PM) eastern on 1.860!!!!!!!
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