Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a NOISEY BAND!!!!!

Well, we tried to run our 160m Net this evening and the band would not cooperate. We did have 5 stations to add to the log,KD8USA and KD8EAF from Michigan and W4DMH from West Virginia. Rounding out net was KB1LUK and KI4HEE. It was real interesting to try to pull call signs out of the static but I really appreciate the persistence from each of the checking stations. That is one thing about HAM radio, we will not always have "perfect" conditions but through persistence, and a little electronic wizardry, we can get the job done!!!!!
Well, we'll try again next week at 9PM Eastern, on 1.860. So, a big THANKS!!!! to all that stuck in there with us and have a safe week!!!!

The Net is heading to the Top Band

Tune in tonight on 160 meters as The American Preppers Radio Net takes to the air again at 9 PM EST.

"The Top Band" of Ham Radio, 160 meters is rarified territory for some hams, but for those who work it, it's the band of choice. Come check-in with Dave K7DLB as he cranks up the Net tonight on or around 1.860 MHz.
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