Friday, July 24, 2009

American Preppers Radio Net and your Call Sign

by 'Santa(Dave W4DMH)

A question was asked to me by someone who wishes to remain anonymous, but here's what they asked, and my answer to them. I've also replaced a name of a Web site they've mentioned, at their request, with the word BLANK - 'Santa

How do you handle the prepper people who want to participate, but who might not want their call sign posted on the website because they made contact with us?
They continue...
For example - I know that I've promoted the new preppers radio net over on BLANK , as there are a ton of amateur radio guys there - there is a whole thread dedicated just to amateur radio. But I also know that most of those guys, because they post about preps and opinions and stuff...are not about to tell everybody their call sign due to the ease of looking up and getting info on their name and where they live.

I haven't disclosed my call sign to anyone on the BLANK either, for the same reason. I just don't want every person I don't know on BLANK, including who knows how many trolls, having the ability to look me up.

My Reply:

You have asked a very good question, but I'm not sure I can give you the answer you may be looking for.

Consider Amateur Radio as a giant party line... anyone can listen in. There is no privacy when you talk on the public airwaves.

ABOVE: Can you believe it? I've heard he still uses a CB RADIO!

We also use a program called NETLOGGER during the net, that sends the data across the Internet for anyone to see who also has that program. This is a very common practice in Ham radio. Also, most nets do publish lists of the check ins as a common practice. If you Google my call sign W4DMH, you'll find about 14 pages listed.

A persons Ham Call sign, something that is even more unique than a persons actual name, IS by it's nature, a publicly known identity.

BUT...if you check in to ANY net, unless you mention that you blog, or that you post on a forum under "such n' such" name, then NOBODY would know who you are on the computer. So I fail to see why everyone worries so much about it.

I've gotten probably 50 emails from people saying they are hams but they will not check into the net because that links there call to prepping. Well...my answer to them is, while it's sad for you to feel that way but SO WHAT?

As I see it, if you are emailing me telling me that, you must want to come "out of the closet" anyway. Please consider that as long as we hide in the shadows, the only people that will know who we are is the .gov people. This fact alone is what will stop us from being a voice able to effect change...like we preach for other people to do. I for one know the .gov people know who I am, and they are the ones that I worry about more than any one else. I am personally proud of the fact that I consider myself a Patriot and a Prepper and since the .gov people already have my IP address I may as well stay public as everyone that knows me also knows that I am not suicidal so a strange accidental death would seem suspicious.

Gee...I hope that helps and does not scare you off. We need all the help we can get. As I say it is sad that people feel they need to hide.

To take this a little farther I want everyone to know I refuse to hide in the shadows like a scared puppy dog with my tail between my legs. I will continue to live free as this nation intended for me to do. If they come and take me away then so be it because my worries will be over and my pain gone. If you are a true Patriot I would think you would feel the same. The word PREPPER or PREPPERS is new but this way of life has been around a lot longer than people think. If you are a PREPPER you should be proud of the fact that you have done what you could to be more self reliant just as my Irish Immigrant Grand Parents did. This is not a new way of life it is just a new word to describe a very old way of life. I am not saying that you should post a list of everything you have but to be afraid of admitting you have an interest in learning about the new word PREPPER or PREPPERS to me seems to go against every thing I have ever stood for.

When you check in to our net with your call sign that is the only thing you are admitting to. That you have an interest to learn more about this new word PREPPER. If we truly believe in teaching people to be more self reliant and less dependent on outside help than we most also be willing to stand in the forefront of this movement and not hide behind some name on a computer lurking in the shadows while we preach how we all need to stand up and teach people how to live a better life and help return this country to what it once was. I refuse to hide and if that means that they will come for me first than so be it. My name is all I have when it really comes down to it because if I don’t pay taxes everything else is gone.

My rant is over...and I guess you now know how I feel about this topic. By the way, Santa is really my nick name and what most people call me but if you want to see what I look like at least in December and you want to know who I am it is easy enough to look my call sign up on qrz.com. I am not busting my butt to get this net going to toot my horn people I am doing it because I feel very passionate about being able to communicate with people like me in the event the grid goes down or whatever. If the Internet is gone where the hell are you going to turn to for communication... No grid No Internet = no cell phone as well.
73 Dave W4DMH

God Bless from the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

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