Friday, August 14, 2009

Holy Moley!

Three Weeks = 3700+ visits!

We thought this might be a blog with potential, but Jeeze!

According to a little statistic counter here on the Blog, we've been turning some significant numbers...
Weekly Average of Total Visitors...927
Weekly Average of Unique Visitors... 506
Weekly Average of First-Time Visitors... 288
Weekly Average of Returning Visitors... 218

All this in THREE WEEKS!

What does this mean? Well, we're gaining visitors at a great rate, we're seeing a growing number of first-time visitors, and almost half of all visitors are returning!

Ummm... I got a black n blue mark on my arm where I'm pinching myself.

Mucho thanks to Dave W4DMH for the heavy lifting of prowling the forums n blogs, getting the word out. Promotion is a nasty job but he's a nasty guy (LOL). But a HUGE bunch of thanks for everyone for visiting, reading, linking, getting others to visit, and coming back to read more as well. This is may become a success because YOU are making it a success!

In response to all the attention, we're burning the midnite oil & working on bringing even more to the blog, more articles, more features, and especially more Radio Nets! (Count on hearing more on that later.)

Ok, enuf of this...the arm is sore from all the backslapping...

Thanks everyone, n' we'll see you all on the radio! 73 KI4HEE

The Santa Claus of Ham Radio

Mickey "Santa Claus" Hicks, WO6T Known to many amateurs and their children as Santa Claus, passed away Sunday, August 9. At the age of 79. For the past 38 years, Hicks, a ham for almost 50 years, would get on the air for 10 days each December as W6S Whiskers-6-Santa

I had the opportunity to speak with The Santa Claus of Ham Radio on 2 occasions. Once by his call WO6T and again as W6S. I will never forget the time's we talked.

Please read the article here SANTA CLAUS

"Whiskers 6 Santa" you will be missed by many

God Bless
Dave W4DMH
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