Saturday, February 6, 2010

ANOTHER Snowbound 160m net!!!!!!

Sunday night Feb 7th, will take the reins of the APRN 160m net as there is a good possibility that K7DLB will have to work. We had 25+ inches of snow over here and if the roads are clear good old FedEx Ground is going to try to get some trailers moved into the terminals. HA!!!!!!
The topic will be the same as the 80m net from Thursday night. Medical and first aid supplies. So join in the discussion. Indianapolis is gonna win the Super Bowl so you can join in the fun on 1.860LSB at 9pm Eastern (0200UTC).

Also, last Thursday night,  tried another shot at the APRN Net and the noise level was brutal!!! NW8I Del was heard running the net and we really appreciate that!!! THANKS Del!! It was suggested to move the net to 3.962 and give it a try there. So, stay tuned for next weeks net announcement!!!!!!
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