Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Night 80 Meter Net

Santa is back tonight fir the APRN Thursday night net.
Everyone please come join in the fun tonight.
The place is 3.961 on your radio dial.
We will use 3.983 as the alternate. 
The time will be 0100 Z (UTC)
Tonight the first topic for the net will be, How Do You Think We Can Improve The Net. After discussion on this we will have a round of OPEN MIC when everyone will have a chance to ask any questions or bring up any topic they have had fun with before. Everyone please give this some thought and feel free to bring up whatever you want. We have had some topics in the past that continue to be very popular so feel free to bring any of them up again tonight. Everyone please come join and remember to tell a friend to come join the fun.
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