Wednesday, September 30, 2009

40 Meter net turns 80 Meter net out of necessity.

The Tuesday Night 40 Meter net turns 80 Meter net out of necessity on the fly. Lee K4USS took to the air on 40 meters at 2359 Z on Tuesday night for the APRN 40 Meter net. Well folks if you were not there you missed it as Lee took the 40 meter net and multiplied it by 2 and we ended up on 80 meter. Lee has tried very hard to get the ripples work out for the 40 meter net but they just keep coming back even stronger.  With several weeks of giving it his all on 40 it was the straw that broke the camels back as once again 40 meter shut the net net down in record time.

The net was quickly moved to 80 meter at 3.983 and the net came back to life there. Those that were watching on Netlogger (which by the way is a free download on the left sidebar of this page) saw the change in the almost instant messenger window and knew exactly where to go.


To all our regulars that missed us please note that the Tuesday night net will now be at 2359 Z (UTC) on 3.961 or as a alternate 3.983 so make a note and please do come and join us at the new location next week.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

40 Meter net with Lee K4USS

The American Preppers Radio Net 40 meter version will come to life again tonight at 2359Z (UTC) as Lee K4USS once again takes to the air. Folks the 40 meter band has been ruff and tuff for us so don't be surprised if Lee lets us know something new for the Tuesday night net. Rumor has it that there may be some changes in the works by Lee. So everyone please come and join in on the fun and keep your ear to the speaker for any clues as to what may be happening on Tuesday nights for the future.

Net controls for the APRN are free to do what ever they want to do with the net on there night. (almost anyway)  I have been told by a reliable source that Lee has some top secret plans for his night on the air and it is possible we may be clued in on what they are tonight. I sure hope his plans don't include going underwater for the net. Keep in mind he did spend time on subs during his Navy days.

Come one come all and please do tell a friend to come join in

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Noise Really "Dried us out"!!!!!

The APRN 160m net topic tonite was "Dehydrating Foods Basics" and lets just say the band was really overboard with noise tonite!!! In spite of the noise we had a thought provoking discussion and we all have some new things to consider and try out.
Tonites Check Ins were:
W4DMH Dave, WV
Kd8JPQ Jeff, OH
NW8I Del, OH
AC0BG Dean, IA
AC8EM, Mike, OH
K0CKD Dennis, SC
K7DLB Dave, MD Net Control.
Once again THANKS!!!! to all that checked in and have a safe week!!!See you Same time, Same Frequency!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Many thanks to Del, NW8I for jumping in and running the 80 meter net on Thursday nite!!!! He ran the net like a pro and had a real good discussion going. There really was no topic but it was kind of a review of some of the discussions from nets past. MANY THANKS DEL!!!!!
Please remember, it is not hard to run a net. We do need some alternate Net Control Stations to run any one of our nets. Please consider it and let either Dave W4DMH or Dave K7DLB know if you can help!!!!!


Email from Del;

Hi Dave,

I saw that the 80 mtr net was canceled for tonight. I thought maybe their might be a few guys that hadn't gotten the word or were just giving a listen anyway. About 0105 Z I asked if anyone wanted to check in and believe it or not their were several.

kb4msu Robert Eaton, OH - 1st time checkin

ki4hee Bob SC

n8tah Keven near E. Wheeling, WVA

kd8jpq Jeff

kb8jnz Steve Indiana, PA

I announced the official net had been cancelled so we just had an unofficial net.

I couldn't remember what the topic of discussion was supposed to be so we talked a little food storage and a lot of emergency power. The guys had some really good input on novel ways of providing power and different combination's of doing it.

I closed the net down at 0205Z but a couple of the guys talked a little longer.

Its hard to remember who said what but one suggestion was using a weedeater to run a 125 amp alternator which seemed to work very well. Another suggestion was to burn wood in such a way as to produce fuel to fed to a carburetor to run a generator and the guys discussed using steam generators as well. For an off the cuff net it went pretty well.

The band conditions were pretty good for about an hour then the QRM and QRN picked up right at the end.

Dave there is a lot of interest in the topics the nets been discussing. Most everyone is better prepared than myself but they have great info to share.


Del - nw8i

This just goes to show what I have said all along, The people involved in Ham radio are more than willing to jump in and get involved and help. Thanks a bunch Del.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

80 Meter net for 9-24-09

I hate to do this but the 80 meter net for tonight is canceled. I will be back next week so please do come back and join us. The net had to be sacrificed due to a paying job tonight that will interfere with the time the net is done. I hope everyone understands this and comes and joins us next week same time same place as usual.

Let me remind everyone we are looking for Operators to do Net Control for this very reason.
73 All

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

40 meter net with K4USS as net control

Please come join the 40 meter net tonight. Remember it is now in the new time slot of 2359Z (UTC). Lee K4USS is back in the saddle and ready to ride the airwaves again. Lee has been busy installing a new antenna so help him give it a workout tonight and come join in on the topic for tonight's net. Lee has never got the topic of alternative heating systems on the air so look for that to be the topic for tonight's net. I truly hope the band will be much better tonight with the new time slot. Come one and all and bring a friend. Thank you all for the prayers last week for Lee's speedy recovery from surgery.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Food, Spam and canning!!!!! The 160m net made us HUNGRY!!!!

Once again the discussion was lively on tonite's subject, "Food Storage and Methods". We discussed canning, shelving, Spam, and touched on dehydration tonite. Everybody had some real good points and I'm sure we all learned something new!!!
Tonites check ins were:
W4DMH Dave, West Virginia, Net Logger and BNC
WA1HHN Walt, Massachuesetts
NW8I Del, Ohio
KD8JPQ Jeff, Ohio
N8NMJ Mike, Maryland
KB1JQA Phil, Connecticut
The list was small but the conversation was great!!! Thanks to all that participated on the net as well as on NetLogger!!!
We will look for everybody next week, same time same frequency!!!!!
73's and have a safe week!!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Let's stay on top of the TOP BAND NET!!!!!!

K7DLB, Net Control for the 160m APRN Net has sent up smoke signals announcing that the topic for Sundays Net is going to be,"What foods are best for long term storage". This will be the first in a series of "Basic Prepping, Getting started discussions" Actually, the smoke signals were coming from his brain as he was trying to think of a subject!!!!!!
So please check in at 9PM Eastern on 1.860LSB and participate in the discussion!!! Who knows, you may just learn something or maybe you have some good information to share!!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

80 Meter net results for 9-17-09

Another great net tonight. They just keep getting better every week as we grow. The topic tonight was Gardening and trust me folks every one had something to add to the discussion. We had a variety ranging from a 130 acre working farm to people doing Square foot gardening due to space limitations.

We have set a new distance record for the 80 meter net tonight with a check in from Iowa to here in West Virginia. By the map it sure does look like roughly half way across the country to me. As winter approaches look for us to reach even greater distances on a regular basis.

Thank you all that take part in this net, because without you it would not be possible. The 80 meter net proves again to be a winner.
73 to all

Check in list

W4DMH ... WV ... Dave... Net Control

N8BIT/P... MI... Dave

N8TAH ... OH ... Kevin (using his roof for his antenna)

W4SQL ... SC ... Landy

KD4OWY ... AL... Nathan

AC8EM ... OH ... Mike

AI4JA ... SC... Gary

AC0BG ... IA... Dean (A distance record for the 80 meter net)

KD8HDP ... MI... Justin

There you it have as we put the wraps on another one.

80 meter net comes to life again tonight

Once again Santa will take to the air on the 80 meter net. Everyone please come join the fun and bring a friend.

The topic for tonight will be Gardening and how do you see this fitting into your long term plans.

Hope everyone gives this some thought before time for the net. See you tonight on the 80 meter net on or near 3.961 at 0100Z (UTC)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Digital Net Update!!!

Larry, KB0EMB,AKA Ozark Hiker, one of our Digital Gurus, is planning to try a bunch of new nets on various days and times. He will post them up over on the Forum so please click on the sidebar link to the Forum and get in to the Digital Modes thread to keep up to date for frequency and times!!!!!

40 meter net report for 9-15-09

Here ya go folks....The 40 meter net Tuesday night was a little different than our normal nets...Lee K4USS was not able to run the net do to surgery Tuesday morning so all please pray for his speedy recovery and return....The night started as Dave W4DMH called to see if anyone was on frequency...Well with the ability to receive in the Mountains of West Virginia once again very hampered WA1HHN one of the nets regular check-ins jumped in and was able to copy and spread the word for W4DMH that he had zero receive....Walt WA1HHN jumped to the rescue with no copy of the preamble and saved the day for those waiting for the net....He copied 4 stations on frequency for the net and talked with them and explained the problem....Our hat is off to you Walt for saving the day at the very last second literally... Ahhh the joys of Ham radio and the wonderful people involved in it, always willing to help any way they can....The map is not a true representation of the net with the lines but it adds Me to any map I make automatically so imagine all the lines starting at WA1HHN instead...If my list is correct it looks like we had 2 new check-ins K4GMI and KM4DA so we hope they will come back again and We Welcome them to the APRN...
Net report from WA1HHN

WA1HHN MA Walt Fill In Net Control


KM4DA NC Willy

KB 0EMB MO Larry


Thank you all for checking in under some really tough conditions and a special thanks to Walt WA1HHN for his rescue of the net.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

40 Meter net tonight same place but new time

Come join the fun same place 40 meter on or near 7.198 but starting at a new time 2359Z (UTC) or 8pm Eastern. Come one and all and do bring a friend. Sit down and get comfy and tune in for K4USS to take to the air once again. The topic for tonight's net will be alternative heating. Make notes and let us know what your plans are on this very important topic. Winter is coming and now is the time to start thinking of how to stay warm for those long cold nights ahead.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

And another fine Net you've gotten me into!!!!

The 160m band was wiggling all over the place tonite but we managed to squeeze another good net with some great discussion about battery power. Here are the links for some further reading and research. For the link on solar power, click here. For the link on wire sizing, click here.

Please check out the homepages for both of these sites!!!!!
Tonites check ins:
K7DLB Dave, Maryland, Net control
W4DMH Dave, West Virginia, Net Logger, Backup NC
AC0BG Dean, Iowa
W2GZB Dan, New Jersey
WA1HHN Walt, Massachusetts
KD8JPQ Jeff, Ohio
K4USS Lee, Virginia
N8XKJ Layton, Ohio
N8BIT Dave, Michigan

Don't forget to sign up over on the Forum!!!! also, E-mail or post up topics for next weeks net!!!!!
Thanks to all that checked in and have a safe week!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Don't forget!!! 160 is the NET!!!!!!

Join us this Sunday at 9pm eastern for the APRN 160m net on 1.860. This week we will wrap up the discussions we have been having on emergency/battery power. Please come and join in to share the results of any research or ideas you may have on this topic!!!
K7DLB, net control, will make sure the wire is good and straight and the Kenwood is warmed up!!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


This is gonna be good!!!!!

Larry, KB0EMB will be running a Digital Net Saturday. Here is his post from the forum.

OK gang, this Saturday @2000 UTC (4 PM eastern) I'll fire up the script to start the first APRN digital net on a frequency of 14.071.5 (USB or DIG) BPSK-31 mode ~1000 Hz on the waterfall. I should be operating portable (may have rain, so maybe not portable) with a net duration of 30-60 minutes.

Those not having an interface can still monitor, all that is needed is a microphone on the PC soundcard MIC input. Just place the MIC in proximity to the radio speaker and run Digipan or other PSK-31 mode software. A reverse can be done to transmit, just hold the radio microphone close to the PC speakers and key the radio as you click the software TX button. They call this "acoustical coupling" & while not the best system - it does work. If you don't have PC software for PSK-31 take a look at this URL http://www.digipan.net/

Likely future digital nets will be held on 40 meters, as an NCS can hear 'close' stations much better and 40 meters is not nearly as crowded for digital. I'd also propose that later on we try different modes. Some offer much faster transfer of data, to the point of being much faster than people can type or read, those modes are good for transferring a "larger" text file in shorter periods of time.
There is a program called MMSSTV (used in SSB voice parts of the band) that allows send/receive of photographs. One often busy frequency to illustrate is 14.230, some photos from outside the US/Canada might not be suitable for younger viewers.
URL is http://mmhamsoft.amateur-radio.ca/mmsstv/

Hope to CU on the waterfall,
73 Larry kb0emb

If you have digital capability or can rig up your station to copy the net PLEASE DO!!!
Many of you may be asking, what is a bunch of Preppers doing going digital???? Well, a laptop computer runs off of a battery....And digital as well as CW can operate in lousy band conditions where voice may not be able to be copied!!!!!

80 meter was alive and well

Santa took to the air again for another round of The American Preppers Radio Net. Tonight was a short net but once again the quality of the check-ins was very high. We tried to keep the net short because the band was very crowded tonight. It seemed no matter where we tried before net time the frequency was in use. 3.965 ended up being the only place we could find with little noise or QRM from other frequencies. So at 8:35 pm it was announced on the web page and Santa began calling for early check-ins.

We had a great net tonight with a lot of interest in the digital modes which was the topic for tonight's net. It seems we will be moving in the direction of having a APRN net run with PSK-31 as soon as all the details are worked out we will announce that net here on the APRN home page.A big thank you to everyone that is participating in the nets and helping make this a very friendly and fun place to be.

Here is the list of check ins for this net.

W4DMH WV Dave net control

KD8HDP MI Justin






W4SQL SC Landy



That puts a wrap on it folks

Thursday, September 10, 2009

80 meter net comes to life again tonight

Every one please come join us as Santa once again takes to the airwaves on the 80 meter band. Come one come all and bring a friend to join in on the fun. The topic for tonight's net is do you work any digital modes. Now that you know please think about this topic and come join the fun.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

40 meter net with K4USS as net control

With full legal limit power and a fine station fired up. K4USS Lee took to the air for his first run on the 40 meter net. We have to be honest here folks the band was the worst it has ever been so far. Lee gave it his all and we did manage to pull some check-ins out of the noise. Make no mistake friends Lees determination is not hampered in any way.

Lee is very active on 40 meter and has made the suggestion to move to 8pm Eastern as the band seems to be much better right up to the 9pm slot that has been used so far. This has also been suggested by others in the past. We have told Lee it is his net to do as he sees fit with. So update your calenders and remember to make the change to the new time starting at 8pm Eastern or 2400 UTC for next Tuesday night.

We thank everyone that tried so hard to check in with the net.



KD8HDP Justin MI




So there you have it folks and a special Thanks to KD8HDP Justin for his help in the instant messenger on Netlogger to assist with call sign clarification.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Please welcome our new 40 meter net control

Please welcome to the 40 meter net our new net control station. K4USS has offered to fill this void at the last second. Without further delay Please welcome Lee K4USS or sometimes known as Ugly Submarine Sailor. Please come welcome him tonight on the 40 meter net at 0100 UTC on 7.198 and join the fun.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ya know, sometimes it does pay to get up in the morning!!!!

Oh,yeah!!! The 160 meter net tonite was simply above and beyond!!!!We had 8 checkins tonite and we set a new distance record. Dean, AC0BG checked in from Ames, Iowa. Thanks Dean!!!!
Once again the discussion centered around emergency power and batteries. Seems that is a topic that many operators are really starting to put some thought into and should!!! Winter is coming and with the state of things in this world, Emergency Power is VERY important, not only for radio, but the household as well.
AS a reminder, next week, Sunday Sept 13th, we will begin dealing with topics here on the 160m net. If you have a topic you'd like to discuss, please click the E-Mail box and send it off to us. We will make a decision and post the result by the Friday before the net in order to give everybody a chance to research and come up with ideas and questions.
Tonites Check In List:
K7DLB-Net Control
W4DMH-Net Logger and Backup
AC0BG-Dean, Iowa
WA1HHN- Walt, Ma
NW8I-Del, OH
AC8EM-Mike,OH. Just a note, Mike works really hard to get a signal in to the net!!!!He is a little shy in the antenna department but he is with us every week through NetLogger and we REALLY appreciate his perseverance!!!!!!
KB3IFH- Randy, MD
Once again THANKS!!! to all that participated tonite and we'll look for ya next week, Same Time, Same Frequency!!!!


Ok, the first batch of QSL cards is on it's way to the Post Office to go out Tuesday!!!! Many thanks to Randy KB3IFH for his quality work!!!!
If you have not received one our cards in a week or so after you have checked into a net or heard us on Shortwave or Global Tuners, please click the link and send out a RST and we'll send out a card!!!!
Shortwave listeners, we really want to hear from you!!!!!
All the Hams that have checked in, THANKS and keep on checking in as the topics will change from week to week!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

80 plus 80 equals 160......

Good 'ol K7DLB has the calculator and abacus buzzing to get ready for the APRN 160m Net Sunday night at 9pm. So, scribble up a couple of Post It Note reminders, plaster them in a few strategic locations(no, the wife's nose is NOT a good place), and join in on the fun!!!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

80 Meter net results for 9-3-09

Well folks....The 80 meter net for Thursday 9-3-09 started real rough as the noise level here was high...Staying persistent does pay off....The topic for tonight's net became Alternative energy at the last minute...Here is the truth of how that happened...I have been swamped the last few days dealing with several issues for the APRN.....So I totally dropped the ball for a topic for this net....My apologies to all for that....This topic came out during check ins as one of the stations announced he was totally on solar power for the net....Folks it don't get no better than this.....The wonderful world of Ham radio is always full of surprises....I have been amazed at the quality of our nets....It seems every week we have at least one or more new people joining to our nets.....This week has been no different with a lot of regulars returning as well as several first time check ins that seemed to enjoy and have some fun....I see no need to do a list as the google map says it all.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

40 Meter Net was Generating Excitement

Tonights Topic for the Rag Chew was Generators...when are they worth their weight in Watts? And everyone was really good to weigh in with some great personal examples and experiences about those gas-drinkin' volt-makers. Observations about power needs, gas stablizing, maintenence and more made this topic a good one which we're sure will be a good one to bring up in detail in a article here.

A little smaller group tonight, but everyone here was pure quality, with a first time check in that will sure be comming back, KB0EMB Larry out in Independence MO...(I like the name of that pretty town)Good signal Larry, n' thanks for the relay net control.

Some "regulars" got on the payroll...KD8HDP Justin, KB1LUK Bill, KC2SGV Joe, NW8I Del, and others...although considering this is only our 4th 40 net, that's stretching the term "regular" indeed.

And despite the Pirate Radio Sermonizer who started up immediately after we closed the net, we had a great time, sharing great advice and info about electrical generators and showing again that a net of good hams is always a benefit. To the Pirates Credit, they were nice to hold off until we were through....a Polite Pirate...ARRRRG! '73 KI4HEE

BTW... Tonights 40 meter Net Signal Plot via Google Earth includes a Ireland DX Station, EI6JK Mark who got on the list during the pre-net.

Here's tonights "Generator Gang"...

EI6JK MARK Ireland DX during pre-net

40 Meter Net Tonite

Tune in or around 7.198 as KI4HEE starts taking check-ins at 01:00Z, (9PM EST). Lord willin' n the creek don't rise we'll have a fine bunch of check-ins from all over.

We'll see you on the air. KI4HEE

Tonites topic: Electrical Generators, when are they worth their weight in Watts?
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