Wednesday, September 16, 2009

40 meter net report for 9-15-09

Here ya go folks....The 40 meter net Tuesday night was a little different than our normal nets...Lee K4USS was not able to run the net do to surgery Tuesday morning so all please pray for his speedy recovery and return....The night started as Dave W4DMH called to see if anyone was on frequency...Well with the ability to receive in the Mountains of West Virginia once again very hampered WA1HHN one of the nets regular check-ins jumped in and was able to copy and spread the word for W4DMH that he had zero receive....Walt WA1HHN jumped to the rescue with no copy of the preamble and saved the day for those waiting for the net....He copied 4 stations on frequency for the net and talked with them and explained the problem....Our hat is off to you Walt for saving the day at the very last second literally... Ahhh the joys of Ham radio and the wonderful people involved in it, always willing to help any way they can....The map is not a true representation of the net with the lines but it adds Me to any map I make automatically so imagine all the lines starting at WA1HHN instead...If my list is correct it looks like we had 2 new check-ins K4GMI and KM4DA so we hope they will come back again and We Welcome them to the APRN...
Net report from WA1HHN

WA1HHN MA Walt Fill In Net Control


KM4DA NC Willy

KB 0EMB MO Larry


Thank you all for checking in under some really tough conditions and a special thanks to Walt WA1HHN for his rescue of the net.

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  1. WOW!!! Thanks Walt for saving the day!!!!! Here is a great example of how Hams can get in and rescue a situation!!!!!!


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