Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ya know, sometimes it does pay to get up in the morning!!!!

Oh,yeah!!! The 160 meter net tonite was simply above and beyond!!!!We had 8 checkins tonite and we set a new distance record. Dean, AC0BG checked in from Ames, Iowa. Thanks Dean!!!!
Once again the discussion centered around emergency power and batteries. Seems that is a topic that many operators are really starting to put some thought into and should!!! Winter is coming and with the state of things in this world, Emergency Power is VERY important, not only for radio, but the household as well.
AS a reminder, next week, Sunday Sept 13th, we will begin dealing with topics here on the 160m net. If you have a topic you'd like to discuss, please click the E-Mail box and send it off to us. We will make a decision and post the result by the Friday before the net in order to give everybody a chance to research and come up with ideas and questions.
Tonites Check In List:
K7DLB-Net Control
W4DMH-Net Logger and Backup
AC0BG-Dean, Iowa
WA1HHN- Walt, Ma
NW8I-Del, OH
AC8EM-Mike,OH. Just a note, Mike works really hard to get a signal in to the net!!!!He is a little shy in the antenna department but he is with us every week through NetLogger and we REALLY appreciate his perseverance!!!!!!
KB3IFH- Randy, MD
Once again THANKS!!! to all that participated tonite and we'll look for ya next week, Same Time, Same Frequency!!!!

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  1. I could just barely tell anyone was in there last night. I guess I need to get a better antenna myself.


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