Friday, January 29, 2010

The APRN 80 meter net Thursday 1/28/10

Well folks John gave it his first try but we gotta tell ya it was a rough night to try to run a net on 80 Meters. John and myself both had a 30 over noise floor and even though we are only about 45 miles apart by air we could not hear each other. These conditions are not normal for 80 meter but as disappointing as this was for his first APRN net control duties,  John will take to the air again next Thursday night for another try at bringing the 80 meter net back to the APRN lineup of nets.

This is yet another example of how important it is to practice our communication skills now as you never know what will happen to the bands at any given time. The wonderful world of  HF on Ham Radio is always full of surprises both good and bad.

Check back often right here for coming announcements of where and when we will take to the air next.
73 for now


  1. Looking forward to joining you gentlemen next week. I listened last night but no contact.

    Chris N7WBZ

  2. 30 over noise floor, WoW. Wondering what antenna you are running. I tried an 80 meter dipole here for awhile, but wanted to go to other bands as well. I purchased a G5RV and installed it in the same location. I went from a s9+10 noise floor to a s4 noise floor on 80 meters.

    Now some criticize the g5rv for not being that good of an antenna, but think about it, if both of you dropped 20 or 30 db of noise floor, i think you could have heard each other. That would have been like putting an amp on each end.

    I hear loops are even quieter, might consider a quad or delta loop as well, if you have room.

    Food for thought.

    Ross / N0MSS


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