Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If we get any more snow..........The APRN 80m net!!!!

Thursday night, is going to try out his slinky antenna and get the APRN 80m net on the air. His main wire is still down and is now under about 4 ft of snow!!!! We got smashed again Tuesday and today!!!!! Add in the winds and we have quite the mess!!!
So, tune in at 9pm, (0200UTC) on 3.962LSB and see what  has in store!!!!

Also, K7DLB will need a fill in Net Control Op to fill in for Sunday nights 160m net. He is going to have to work for sure!!!!! The storms have put a real kink in FedEx Grounds operations. So Email Dave, K7DLB and let him know if you can take over!!!!

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