Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday night 10-08-09 on 80 meter

The Thursday night net was another fine one. The net started on the alternate frequency of 3.983 but soon moved back to it's home of 3.961. It seems there is a group of hams that have recently moved from another frequency to 3.960 so just before the net started we moved to the alt. frequency.

Well shortly into the net 3.983 became the place everyone wanted to be..... Welcome to the wonderful 80 meter band. AC0BG looked for another freq. and we soon moved back to what seems to be our home.3.961

After the move the signals were much better at first but soon begain to go up and down.

All in All we had a great net tonight....The first topic was actually the announcement of plans that are still in the infant stages of developing......The APRN has been looking into doing a DXpedition to Cape Brenton Island in Canada.... More on this later as plans develop......

Next we did a open mic round tonight like last week as everyone really seemed to like that..........

In the end as always the dedicated members that make up the APRN stuck to there guns (or mics) and managed to get in several rounds of comments before the net was closed and the freq. returned to regular amateur use.

W4DMH...... Dave.......WV.......Net Control


WA1HHN ......Walt.......MA

KD8HDP...... Justin.......MI



  1. can't wait to hear more about the DXpedition plans in Cape Breton!!!

  2. Well Lil Sis, here is some of the info you will need to hear. A bunch of scruffy unshaven Ham Operators will show up, eat all of the food for miles, drink all of the drink, and string wires all over the place and soak up enough power to dim the lights in Ottawa. Every TV for at least 100 miles will experience a bunch of line across their screens. BUT!!! Cape Breton will be on the IOTW Map and will be very famous......HEHEHE

  3. Please allow me to discuss a bit on the DXpedition comment above.
    For those that may be unfamiliar with a DXpedition, it is a well organized, almost professional group outing to a remote far away destination to set up a temporary HAM station to broadcast in almost contest mode to give other HAM's a shot at a remote contact. There are DXpeditions to the Arctic Circle, remote Pacific Islands, a mountain Peak in the Himalayas, almost anywhere on this earth that you can imagine. Ham operators will plan for years, gather up generators,radio and antenna equipment, food stores and other survival needs and travel which may require hiking or other means of conveyance. It is truly a monstrous undertaking.
    My comment above was not to poke fun at DXpeditions!!! It was to inject a bit of levitiy at a DXpedition that we here at the APRN may do!!!! And, to prepare Kymber for the ultimate surprise when we come knocking at her door!!!
    You see, sometimes Hams get a bit stuffed shirt about things and we here at the APRN really want to convey a fun attitude with Ham radio. Yes, there needs to be a certain seriousness as we are teaching preparedness as well as communications, BUT, it can be fun as well!!! After all, with the way things are getting, you just gotta smile sometimes, knowing that when things get bad, we as Hams can rise to the occasion!!!!


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