Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Night 80 Meter Net

The 80 Meter net is on for tonight so come join in at 0100Z (UTC) at 3.961 or 3.983

There will be an announcement tonight about something that may interest people so we will go for a round of comments and see what others think. 

The second round for comments will again be a OPEN MIC round like last week. Get your notes out and go over them and see if there is anything we have talked about that you would like to ask questions of other members or just comment with something you have learned on that topic.

Hope to see you on the air tonight once again remember to tell a friend and come join the fun.


  1. crap - we are still having probs tuning you guys in???

    Santa - please tell Bulldog that we are diligently studying for our test and are scheduled to take the test on November 15....

    can't wait to start hearing you guys!!!

    Thanks for all that the APRN does - we truly appreciate all of your efforts!!!

  2. Thanks Kymber

    I will let Bulldog know cause he may not see this.
    But you never know he might surprise me.

    Hope all goes well on the 15th and soon we can start talking.
    73 Santa

  3. Well, guess what Santa, I hope you have your seatbelt on so you don't fall out of your chair!!!!!
    Kymber, GREAT!!!!! It's about time Lil Sis!!!! Now, quit aggravating Jamie and you guys GET BACK TO STUDYIN!!!!! I can't wait for the 15th!!!!


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