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Life’s Lessons Part 3

Life’s Lessons Part 3

Being a talker and not a writer.

I want to share with you today how this site you are reading came about. If you have not read all of this series please start with part one to understand the entire story.

I have read a lot about being prepared to survive long term over many years of seeking to learn more about all the ways to do that. Since I am a talker not a writer I have never shared a lot with others via the internet. I got very involved with the sharing of information over the internet in February of 2009. The one thing that has always stuck out in my mind over the years is how many times people have tried to join together over the air via radio. It seems to me that no one ever really tried hard enough or for long enough to get people coming to one place to have a reliable form of communication if all of the grid supported forms were not working. The other thing that stuck in my mind is there were just so many different places that people gathered on the internet and shared information that we needed one place to all come and talk.

I talked to a close friend that is like minded and also a ham about this back in the last part of February 2009. I explained what my goal was and the reply that I remember was that is a lofty goal my friend, now let’s see if you can make it happen. Over a period of several months we again talked about it many times and some ideas were born from those talks. Around that time another friend got interested in this idea and we proceeded. As we spread the word a few more people got interested and we moved forward in creating what you see now. If it were not for several people putting in a lot of effort this would have never become what it is today.

The main focus that I have put in here is getting people from every place there is on the internet to come join us here in a joint effort to spread the word of what being a prepper is. I saw it this way, the word prepper is much more likely to attract new people into this by means of it being a much more kind and gentle way of describing what we are. Many people throughout this entire community have other words they use to describe themselves but when it comes right down to it we can all agree that preparing for whatever is the main ingredient to what we all do.

My focus from the very beginning was to see this some day become a word used world wide to attract new people to the idea of being more prepared. Like my friend told me in the beginning. “That is a Lofty Goal My Friend”. Well we have to start someplace if we ever have the hope of reaching a goal so large. We can do a lot of good if we all dedicate a little of our time to helping to spread the word to others in every way we can.

Ham radio to me was just the most logical place for me to be able to share some of the things that I have learned thru the years that may help others. I am not suggesting to you to give a list of what you have or everything you do. If you are concerned about security by coming and talking with us I do understand that and would suggest that you still can come and join us without telling the world what you have. I personally do not have a fear of sharing what I know with others and it is possible that this may come back to bite me some day in the future but I just do not see it being a real concern.

Being a talker and not a writer is why I chose to use ham radio as the instrument of choice for me to help spread the word. I see ham radio as the tool for me to best help the community as a whole. I truly want to see us grow to the point where if we ever loss grid supported form’s of communication we will all be able to keep in touch via the radio. Now is, ham radio the only way this can be done, of course not but it is certainly the most reliable means and the way to cover great distances easily. I do realize that ham radio is not in the cards for some and I fully understand that. It is a rather expensive undertaking if you have no gear to start with. I would recommend that if you have the equipment and the license that you join us now as it will be very hard to do it during an emergency under stressful conditions. I would go on to recommend that if you have the means and the interest you should begin the journey down the road of communications without further delay. Now is the time to get with it and practice your skills and waiting until the need is there will surly make for some very difficult times for you.

The human desire to communicate is one we should all explore a little more. If you like to go to forum boards and or chat rooms then I encourage you to think what it would be like if they stopped without notice today. Would you know where to go to find the information you are accustomed to enjoying now. I see it this way, we all have a need to communicate with each other, it is just part of our nature. This is the reason that I see a great need for this site and the nets we run. With joining in and participating now you will know where and when like minded people will be on the radio and your skills and equipment will be up and working. Why? Because you will have been using this means of communication all along and not waiting until it is the only thing capable of working.

I will share more of some of the plans we are working on and the goals we have in coming days but in the mean time I hope this has helped some understand a little more for now.
73 all
Dave aka Santa

Also please visit this new site www.imaprepper.org 

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