Sunday, November 29, 2009

Everybody needs a Boat Anchor!!!!! The APRN 160 Meter net......

No, the APRN 160m net is not a boat anchor, but the discussion on tonites net did bring up a couple of good points on why we should think about owning one. We talked about the new technology that is available today in the radio world and certainly there are some wonderful systems out there that can make Ham Radio very interesting, and user friendly. But, as was discussed, just how will the new technologies be able to support us when we need them most? How will we be able to repair them in case of damage, exposure to the elements or any other situation? A ton of food for thought. The old hybrid tube/solid state rigs or any other "Boat Anchor" just may be the answer. They take a bit more to operate and set up, but, they are also very repairable. So as W4DMH, put it, it is nice to have the new technology to play with, but for a backup to your backup, you just might want to look into a Boat Anchor!!!!
Thanks to all that checked in tonite. Have a GREAT week and we will look for you again next week, same time, same frequency!!!!
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PS Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming 40 meter net on Tuesday Dec 1st!!!!

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