Sunday, October 11, 2009

Short List!!!! GREAT Conversation!!!!!!!

The APRN 160 meter net went off as scheduled tonite and the check in list was short but we were long on the conversation!!!! We had an open mike night with a topic kicker about water pumps. Here is a website with a TON of info that EVERYBODY should check out!!!! http://www.backwoodssolar.com/.
Tonites check in list:

W4DMH Dave, WV
NW8I Del, OH
AC0BG Dean, IA
KD8JPQ Jeff, OH.
K7DLB Dave, MD Net Control.
So, thanks to all that participated and we hope you have a safe week and we'll catch ya next week, same time, same frequency!!!!

PS. K7DLB will need a substitute Net Control operator for the 160m net Sunday Oct 25. Please click the Email button and let us know if you can help!!! It's not hard. Heck, if K7DLB can do it......ANYBODY CAN!!!!!

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