Sunday, August 9, 2009

Have you got your ears on?

While we've been having great success establishing a net on the Ham Radio Bands, there are many without a ham license who haven't been able to participate and are missing out on the action. Some have commented interest in getting a radio receiver so they can listen in. Short of getting a ham radio license & radio, a portable shortwave receiver is wise choice for anyone who wishes to have a reliable back-up for getting news & information.

With a wide range of radio coverage, a Short-Wave Receiver brings the world to your fingertips, allowing you to listen in on world-wide Commercial Radio Broadcasts, Aviation, & Maritime, Business Radio, and much more. Most Shortwave receivers have more sensitivity and selectivity than your run-of-the-mill radio receiver, so it can tune in weaker stations out of the noise, as well as audio signal filters and fine tuning that can help greatly in clearing up the clutter.

At right:Shopping around? Check out this KAITO KA1102BLK Digital AM/FM/SW World Receiver with SSB.

Most importantly, a good shortwave receiver offers more than the standard modes of AM (Amplitude Modulation), and FM (Frequency Modulation). SSB, or Single-Sideband mode is the method of choice of broadcasting a signal long range with low power. A majority of Military, Maritime, and Ham Radio broadcasts use single-sideband to communicate and a shortwave receiver with SSB capability opens up a whole world of radio often overlooked and unheard.

To listen in on the American Prepper Radio Net a shortwave radio needs to have single-sideband capability. Without it, the signals sound something like Donald Duck whispering....CB'ers call it "ghost-talk"....you hear it but can't make out what's being said .

If you like to learn more, J&R Audio and Electronics offers a good page of information about Short-Wave Radios in their product guide. (Editors Note: We wish to thank J&R Electronics for it's product images & links.)


  1. Thanks so much KI4HEE! we need to get out there and get ourselves a proper shortwave receiver - we keep trying to tune you guys in with no luck!

    Now that we know what we need - we are going to head over to the APRN Hamfest & Swapmeet...maybe we can find a good deal on a shortwave receiver over there! but if not - thanks for providing the link the J&R Electronics - those guys have some great equipment!

    Thanks to you and Santa for all that you are doing to get us all set up as Ham Operators...if the grid goes down - we'll all be fine - what a great feeling for a prepper!

    one last thing - this site looks awesome! you guys have the best graphics and layout on the entire net!!!

  2. Oh my Kymber, thanks for the kind words...I'll give you 20 minutes to stop that...

    One thing I should add is that 80% of any radio is the antenna, and any radio you consider should have a external antenna jack.
    Hmmm...I'm thinking I'll be writing another article on that very topic....

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