Friday, August 7, 2009

Santa's Mail Bag

Welcome to the first ever addition of Santa’s Mail Bag...

How hard is it to become a Ham?

Santa’s Answer: It is not hard at all. Some would say it is too easy but I feel this way... we need all the people we can get to join this great hobby. USE it or LOSE it

Q: How does one get started?

Santa’s Answer: There are many ways to do this. First, for people that like to read, there are study guides available that can get you started. There are also many web sites with either FREE or paid use, practice tests that you can take over and over, until you are scoring high enough to pass the tests for real. Please see this link to QRZ.COM, this is how I got started, and it is FREE. Check out your local Ham Radio Club, they're a great help at getting you started. And there's organizations like The Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), or Radio Amateurs of Canada(RAC). They offer countless books & study guides, as well as a vast knowledge base online.

Q: How much does the test cost?

Santa’s Answer: Every group of VE’s* that do testing has there own policy for that. But generally it costs around $14 per test session, the good news is you can take all three tests for each class in one session. You pass the Technician test, you can immediately test for General Class, pass that, then test for Extra Class. You bring a copy of two forms of ID, they provide the test materals and a #2 pencil.
*(VE stand’s for Volunteer Examiners you must be one to help give the test, any Ham can be a VE they just have to volunteer.)

This is not every question We have been asked but I do need something for the next addition of SANTA’S MAIL BAG coming soon.

Keep the questions coming to SANTA'S MAIL BAG and We will do our best to find you the answer

73 for now


  1. Santa's mail bag is awesome - and so are all the links that you provided (as well as the permanent links on this site!)The graphics here are awesome too!!! Pretty soon - with the help of the APRN - we are all going to be Ham Operators - woohoo!
    Thanks so much Santa and Bob!!!

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