Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Nite Net was quiet...

Have you ever had the feeling that everyone had gotten the memo but you? Or that everyone was watching, football n' you were watching Antiques Roadshow?

Well, that was the feeling you'd get listening to tonights net.

It was just one of those nights on the radio. You couldn't say anything about conditions, because conditions just wasn't there. It was like no one was on the radio tonite.

Actually it wasn't TOTALLY empty. Dave W4DMH checked in Darrell NW8I in Ohio and Bob KI4HEE checked in Bill KB1LUK in Mass. & Bob N1FBF in Connectcut.

So tonight wasn't quantity...but QUALITY!

Here's tonights net of Five Fine Stations...
1. W4DMH Dave WVA Net Control
2. NW8I Darrell OH
3. KB1LUK Bill W MA
4. N1FBF Bob CT
5. KI4HEE Bob SC

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