Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wow! They came from everywhere!

Talk about a Barn-burner! Tonight's 40 Meter APRNet saw stations checking in fast & furious, and all jumping out of a cacophony of static crashes & QRM (...cacophony means a WHOLE bunch)

After a last minute move from 7.196 to 7.198 to get some distance from another net in progress, the net started smoothly enough, although it was rough going trying to hear through all the hash.

Again, another total stranger, (to the net) came to the rescue...Derek, AJ4OV down in St. Petersburg Fl. checked in and was immediately recruited, with his "blowtorch" signal, to call for some check-ins. He brought in 5 additional stations to the list. Thanks a BUNCH, Derek.

All in all, 20 stations checked in, a bunch of repeats and a lot of first-timers. We plotted all but one, Robert N8Rlg in Ohio who was mobile, but still, the whole southeastern US, from New Hampshire to Texas was well represented.

While some checked in from hearing of the net from our blog, most signed in first time from just hearing the net on the air, one fellow, Gary, AI4JA was real happy to find us, since he & his wife are fully "prepperized". They are very happy to find us, and the blog.

Here's who got on the "payroll" this week...
1. KI4HEE Bob SC Net Control
2. N5QNT Art NC
3. W4DMH Dave WVA
4. W2WTF Brad SC
5. KF4VGV Rick SC
6. KD5GFG Tom LA
7. KB1LUK Bill NH
8. N5JXM Dick TX
9. AJ4OV Derek FL
10. WB4GLE Jerry NC
11. K0TPP Larry MO
12. KE5VOT Rene TX
13. K4GIV Tom GA
14. K4QBA Matt KY
15. N1FBF Bob CT
16. AI4JA Gary SC
17. N8RLG Robert OH
18. KB3QIU Marty PA
19. WD4SDC Steve NC
20. W4FCH Clyde VA

As popular as 40 meters is, it's looking like Tuesday night is solidly 40'nite for the APRN. Thanks for everyone for making this all happen.
'73 Bob KI4HEE


  1. WEll, just SHIT! Can't pick you up and no money yet for a ham radio! Dern it all! We are bummed! Best of luck though - this is a great thing!
    Ernie and Brad

  2. erniejourney
    Do you have short wave and if you do will it receive Single Side Band (SSB) If it does you may just need a good wire antenna. Also the bands have not been real good so keep trying

  3. Congrats on another successful night - we will keep tuning in and trying to hear as well!

  4. So that everyone knows that is not familiar with Ham Radio and How it works. We hold these nets on advertised frequencies but, if we get on the air at net time and that frequency is in use we have to by law either ask if we may have the frequency to use or we must move ourselves. We must also make sure we are not disrupting another frequency in use near to where we will be. The way that all works is if we happen to get ON THE AIR and the frequency is causing a problem we move either up or down the band to the first frequency that is clear. If you are trying to listen by Short Wave Radio please keep this in mind and also make sure you have the ability to tune Single Side Band mode. The 20 meter band will be on Upper Side Band while 40 meter and 160 meter will be on Lower Side Band. We will be posting more on this so please keep checking back as we get more info out to you. Remember we are only coming up on 2 weeks old now and still growing our legs.

  5. Still growing legs???? The way it looks the 20m net has hatched full grown!!!!!I know of nets that have been around for years and don't get this kind of action!!!!!!!GREAT WORK!!!!!

  6. You copied the call right N8RLG, sorry for the noise on 40. When I checked in I was at I-7a and US-250. When it came my turn for comments as was at I-71 and US-224. Thanks for pulling me out of the crud and it was fun checking into APRNnet, 73 and just like the Boy Scouts say, "Be Prepared"

  7. Hey! Thanks Robert. I'll update the log...for some reason I wasn't getting a return on your call from the ULS Database n' thought I had copied your call wrong.

    Good to know you were getting heard along that stretch of the road. Look forward to hearing you again. '73 Bob KI4HEE


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