Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday is "40" Day

"Hawk"(KI4HEE) will be pushing as many watts as his "peanut-whistle" will handle out on 40 Meters again tonight at 0100 UTC (9PM EST). We've been getting a good turn-out on this net, with luck we'll get a pile-up again.

Tonight's Topic:How Prepared Are You?

Remember, we also use NetLogger software to track the net in real time. Use it to post queries, check-ins & comments during the net. Try it out!


  1. Looking forward to checking into a net soon. Hopefully tonight. I'm in MI and may not be able to hear you, so I would like to follow along on Netlogger. I have downloaded it and subscribed to the list. Can you provide a quick down and dirty on how to use Netlogger? You can email me if you like. My email is in my lookup on qrz.com

    Thanks and 73.


  2. Hey Justin, great to have you aboard!

    Net Logger is pretty simple, here's how it works...
    Leading up to net time, the Net Conrol Operator will start logging a net. When you start Netlogger, check the "Active Nets Online" button. If you see the "American Preppers Radio Net" in the listings, simply select the listing, and hit the connect button. That should get you monitoring the net activity. There's a window at the bottom left corner of the screen that will be the "almost realtime messinger" where you can type messages in, everyone who is monitoring, including Net Control, will then be able to read your message and respond.

    When a net control gets a contact with someone on the radio, they'll log the call, the name, and location, in netlogger. Everyone using netlogger monitoring the net will see the updated info as soon as it's posted.

    There's other nets that use Netlogger...try to monitor a active net and you'll see there's nothing to it.

    Welcome Justin...I'll be listening for you tonight! '73 Bob KI4HEE

  3. Thanks for the response and the instructions. I'll play around with the program before the net.

    Looking forward to the net.



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